What to Avoid When Moving

When you manage a lot of things at once, you are likely to make mistakes. Even though man errors do happen, being prepared when moving can make the process flow smoothly. Keep in mind that the fewer mistakes you make, the more pleasing the moving process will be. 

If you learn what you should do and what to avoid when moving, you are likely to have a stress-free process. Here are a few tips on what to avoid if you are planning to relocate. 

7 tips on what to avoid when moving

1. Failing to research about a moving company

If you do not research about the moving company, you are going to fail. This is because there are many commercial movers but not all of them are reliable. To ensure you get the right company you need to read reviews, get referrals, and contact a few of them. 

If you only pick the first company that you find on Google, you are risking your items and your peace of mind. Also, you might waste a lot of time and money. 

Therefore, research to make sure you have the right company for the job. Apart from Google, you can be introduced by friends and family or learn more about the company by contacting them. 

Start with a verified list of reputable movers and start contacting them one by one. Then ask for estimates to analyze. However, the cost of moving should not be the key factor when choosing a moving company.  

2. Doing a DIY move

Using experienced movers is not a cheap affair. However, it is worth it. For instance, when you choose NYC movers, you are assured of reliable services. This is because they are experienced and well trained to handle any kind of move. Doing the move all by yourself is very demanding. 

Even if you involve your friends and family, you will use more time and probably incur some losses. Also, when you are moving fragile items, it is very risky to involve inexperienced people. They may not be able to pack or even handle the items. 

Although there are situations where a DIY move is fine, it is a big mistake to ignore the idea of hiring professional movers. Instead, be honest with yourself and evaluate your move. 

If you do not have many household or office belongings, you can do away with NYC office movers. But if you have many heavy and valuable items, do not engage friends or relatives. Hire movers who have the right skills and tools to handle the job. 

3. When you do not give yourself time to pack properly

Even if you are going to involve your friends or professional mover, you need to set time for packing. Packing right will save you time and money. 

When you have insufficient time to pack, the entire moving process will be stressful. However, the pressure can be avoided when you organize yourself and plan ahead. 

Nevertheless, you need to be realistic when setting time for packing. For example, it may take one or two days to pack a one-bedroom house while a two-bedroom house may take three to four days.   

4. Giving yourself a lot of time

Starting too early is a mistake just like starting too late. Giving yourself a lot of time is unnecessary and you might pack items that you may need later. Also, you do not want to be in a house full of boxes. 

Even though most people are always tempted to start packing early, do not start too early. Start to pack when your move is about to happen. 

5. Failing to get rid of unwanted items

According to moving experts, the best time to get rid of unwanted items is when relocating. This is the best time to get rid of things you no longer need and keep the most essential items. 

The fewer items you move the better. In addition, you will not waste time and packing materials to pack things you do not need. Most people make the mistake of packing everything inside their house. This is a waste of time and you may take any unwanted items to your new home. 

So, when packing, make sure you sort your belongings. While sorting, you might find some things you can sell or donate to a children’s home. Therefore, resist the urge of holding onto items you no longer need or want. 

6. Forgetting to have a moving essential bag

After moving, you will notice that the most essential items are the hardest to find. Whether you have labeled your boxes or not, you need a moving essential bag. 

An essential bag is a small bag or suitcase to pack your most important items. Here, you store things you cannot afford to misplace. You also keep items that you may need on moving day or a couple of days after the move. 

Without a moving essential bag, you might spend a lot of time going through boxes looking for just one item. You may even be forced to purchase an item you already have. 

Therefore, pick a suitcase or a bag and fill it with all your vital items. Some of the things you can keep in the bag are keys, wallet, chargers, basic toiletries, vital documents, medications, and mover’s contract. 

7. Failure to budget

It is not easy to anticipate the cost of moving. This is one of the reasons why professional moving companies give estimates. Therefore, it is a wise idea to budget what your move may cost. 

People who fail to budget are always shocked when they discover how expensive a move can be. Therefore, have a budget so that you can figure out what you are comfortable spending and how much you need for the move. 

When estimating your transit, make sure you factor in extra costs such as packing materials, days off work, and others. 

Final Word

Moving should not be a struggle. Even though there are many things involved when moving, planning ahead of time and avoiding the above moving mistakes can make the process stress-free. Although surprises can happen, you will have covered the most important elements. 

Ellen Hollington

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