What Should You Know About the Principal Place of Business?

Do you run a business? In that case, you must be aware of the principal place of business. Business owners should comprehend this word since it may have a big influence on their companies.

The Main Location of Business will be defined in this article along with its implications for company owners. Also, we will go through the many kinds of principal places of business and offer some advice for entrepreneurs wishing to start or move their companies.

Principal Place of Business

A corporation place of business is where all of its activities are carried out. This phrase is defined in Section Firm’s Officers Direct, which states that 

“The state and county listed in the articles of incorporation as the location where the corporation was formed, or, if not, the state and county in which the company has its principal office, constitute the organization’s principal place of business.”

Consider a scenario in which this information is absent from the corporation’s articles of incorporation. Thus, the state and county where the company’s main office or headquarters is located constitute the Main Location of Business.


There are two types of principal places of business:

  • The Domestic Main Place of Business is where a company’s headquarters are located in the United States.
  • The company’s main office or headquarters far away from the United States is known as the overseas Main Place of Business.

Why Is The Primary Business Location Important?

The location of the corporation’s major place of business affects its legal jurisdiction. The state and federal tax liabilities of a corporation are also determined using this phrase. A corporation will be liable for New York State corporate taxes if its domestic Main Place of Business is in the state of New York.

Likewise, board meetings for a corporation may be impacted by its major place of operation. Most independent directors must be physically present for a board meeting to be considered legal under the Business Corporation Law. This implies that in order to meet with the legislation, board meetings must be held in the state where your company’s domestic Main Place of Business is located if it is not New York State.

Does the Location of the Main Office Essential For an LLC?

Limited liability firms are exempt from the primary place of business requirement (LLCs). Nonetheless, the registered agent of an LLC must be based in the jurisdiction in which the LLC is registered. On behalf of the LLC, legal documents are sent to the registered agent who may be an individual or company.

For instance, if your LLC is founded in the state of New York, your registrar must also be there. The reason for this is that the members of LLC must obtain and receive legal papers from the registered agent.

What Do The Courts Mean By The Main Site Of Business?

For legal reasons, a corporation jurisdiction is also established by its major location of business. Which court has jurisdiction over a certain matter is determined using this phrase. Typically, the state in which a business was established serves as its Main Location of Business.

But there are some examples! Whenever a corporation operates in more than one state, the state where its central office or headquarters is situated will be considered the corporation’s Main Location of Business.

Tax Advantages and the Primary Location of the Business

A corporation’s capacity to claim tax deductions may also be influenced by its Main Location of Business. While conducting business in another state, many business owners are permitted to write off their travel and housing expenses.

The company owner will not be eligible for these deductions if the corporation’s Main Place of Business is situated in the same state as the residence of business owner.

What Steps Should You Take to Establish or Relocate the Main Office of Your Company?

There are a number of elements to take into account if you are a business owner and planning to establish or relocate your organization’s principal place of business.

To start, you should ascertain whether the new site complies with local, state, and federal regulations. Also, it would be wise to look into how much it would cost to operate on the potential site.

Last Words:

The idea of the principal place of business must be understood. Knowing what this phrase implies is crucial since it has a big influence on your company. We hope this explanation of the word and its consequences for company owners has been helpful. We appreciate your reading.