What Qualities Should a Shoebox Have? Eight Facts You Must Know

Whenever we shop for shoes, we tend to look for a comfortable one? But why? Comfortable shoes help us to feel relaxed all the time, no matter how much we walk. Or for how long we wear them. They also assist us in improving our posture. Shoes play a crucial role in our lives, and we could say the same for packaging boxes. A suitable packaging box helps the seller to protect their products from any harm. In this way, they could also deliver their product to the clients in standard quality. These days every item has a varying packing box.

Each box contains the relevant information of that respected product. And hence it brings ease to the seller and the customers. For example, in a shoe shop, every product gets displayed. But when we purchase them, the item gets packed in a specific box. That box contains information like the size of the product, color, price, etc. Now, the question is, if we were to start a shoe business, what box should we use? How does packaging affect our business? And what qualities should our shoe boxes hold? If you are curious, then keep reading. In this article, we will discuss eight facts you must know about your packaging boxes.

These Boxes Are Custom-Made:

One of the astonishing things about shoe packages is that they need to be custom-made. It allows us to manufacture the box in a suitable shape and size. Meanwhile, an appropriate box also secures the product professionally while serving aesthetic looks. Some of the custom-made boxes for shoes are:

  • Two-piece boxes.
  • Sleeve packaging.
  • Handle boxes.

1.      Customizable and Print Compatible:

A packaging box must always be customizable. Otherwise, we fail in marketing. Many brands gain customers due to their packaging. And if the box itself is ugly or not customized professionally, then it could affect our brand. Shoebox printed boxes always remain superior as they secure the product while serving the looks. A shoebox does not necessarily need to get customized much. The only thing you need to do is to print in your brand logo and the slogan. And these two factors are enough to promote our brand and to gain new customers.

2.   Organic:

In the pandemic, the majority of people started a trend to use only products having organic packaging. And this trend gained popularity over several social media platforms. And in the end, the companies using non-organic packaging suffered a loss. Now, do not use organic packaging because of how it affects our business. Instead, contribute to society and think about preserving nature. And in this way, you would be able to think out of the box. Now get yourself a unique and organic packaging box that could attract customers.

3.   Light-Weight:

A packaging box must always be lightweight. If the box itself is heavy, it gets challenging for the customer to carry the products around. Meanwhile, a large box also automatically increases the expenses of the sellers. Now you must have noticed that many well-known brands around the globe use fancy packaging. But they also charge their customers a lot. The amount that these bands charge their customer is not of the products only. They also charge them for the packaging. But when we use the apt cost-effective packaging material, we do not have to worry about anything.

4.   Visually Appealing:

If the packaging box is not visually appealing, how do you expect to increase sales? Many times people think that in the shoe industry, the packaging does not play a vital role. Why do people think this way? The reason is simple. They assume that products get displayed in the glass display. And hence the lighting of the store and the product attracts the customers. It is true, but how could you gain customers?

When a regular customer purchases your product, he carries the box around. And when someone notices the unique case, they would get curious about the product and the brand. In this way, we could say that the packaging box proved to be effective for sales.

5.   Cost-Effective:

How could we possibly keep running our business if our expenses exceed the profit? The biggest blunder made by the new seller is that they use expensive packaging material. For example, a person, new into business, thinks that it is okay to have little profit at the beginning of starting a business. This concept is somewhat true, but primarily, they are receiving less profit because of their excessive expenses. They use high-quality packaging boxes with fillings even if the product does not require any extra protection.

So always consider different packaging styles and materials and choose the one which makes a visible profit margin.

6.   Puncture Resistant:

During shipping, products get stacked on one another, and the chances of the product getting damaged are pretty high. It mostly happens because of the fragile packaging that goes out of shape whenever some pressure is applied to them. But a packaging box that holds a shoe inside it must be sturdier enough to bear the external pressure. Otherwise, it could also affect the product’s appearance.

Footwear is the products that get displayed in the store if we wish to attract the customer. And how we possibly do so if the product is askew. Shoe packaging boxes get manufactured with cardboard or corrugated packaging material. Both of these materials are known to be sturdier. And the shipping boxes also get manufactured with the same material. So if you are using cardboard or a corrugated box, then do not worry about a thing. Now, confidently launch your product into the market with assistance of custom packaging providers and watch your business flourish.