What Makes a Criminal Defense Attorney Better Than a Public Defender?

You have several choices to make after being charged with a crime. One of them is deciding whether to accept a guilty or not guilty plea bargain. You will be given a choice to accept or reject the prosecutor’s recommended sentence for punishment. The choice of legal counsel to defend you will be the most essential choice you will have to make.

If you cannot afford a criminal defense attorney but are facing criminal charges, you have the fundamental right to be represented by a court-appointed public defender. As a criminal defendant, you now have two options if you can afford one. You have the choice of hiring a private attorney or a public defender.

You need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to represent you in a criminal trial if you are charged with a severe crime. Some people choose to represent themselves in court, while others can only hire a public defender to work on their case.

You need a trial lawyer who can develop strategies targeted at assisting you in getting the best result in your case when you are facing significant charges that endanger your future freedom.

Knowing their expertise is crucial regardless of whether a public defender or a criminal defense lawyer represents you. Your criminal defense attorney’s competence is critical to your case’s outcome.

Understanding the Differences Between Private and Public Defenders

If you cannot afford a private attorney, a public defender, who works for the government, will be assigned on your behalf. They play a crucial role in the US legal system. The right to competent legal representation is one of your civil rights recognized by the constitution. The cases that public defenders take on vary. They handle significant matters, such as felony murder cases and minor offenses as well.

You are not permitted to pick the public defender, they are court-appointed. You’ll have one chosen specifically for your case. The majority of public defenders assigned to cases have numerous other issues they are juggling at the same time.

A private lawyer’s advantages over a public defender

You have the right to select a top-notch defense attorney,  and that attorney has the legal right to decide whether or not they wish to represent you. Compared to a public defender, a private attorney has a lighter caseload. They can offer your case their full attention because they have a lighter workload.

With a private attorney, you will have to pay. Understanding that a lawyer’s hefty costs do not ensure you will prevail in your case is crucial. However, retaining a private attorney guarantees that your case receives unique consideration and that your defense is strong.

Comparing the advantages of a private attorney vs. a public defender

According to research by Colorado trial judge Morris B. Hoffman, a defendant who chooses to work with a public defender has a greater risk of being sentenced to jail time overall. The survey also revealed that offenders who retained private counsel to handle their cases had an average sentence of 3 years less time served. The advantages of a private counsel over a public defendant are listed below.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each defense lawyer’s style. Let’s examine each of them in depth so that you can be ready to present your argument.

Pros: Public Defender

People who lack the resources to retain a private attorney are assigned a public defender. Choosing a public defense is an excellent alternative because hiring a private counsel in Maryland can occasionally be expensive.

In comparison to private attorneys, public defenders handle many more cases. They know the procedures and have stronger relationships with the prosecutors because they have worked on various topics.

This can expedite the process. The majority of public defenders, however, have a heavy caseload and cannot devote a lot of time to each case. This is an advantage in certain circumstances.

Cons: Public Defender

The main drawback of using a public defender is compromised communication. A public defender frequently has a heavy caseload, which leaves little to no time for them to speak with the accused in detail regarding the case.

As a result, before entering a plea, the accused will typically only be able to talk with the public defender once or twice. Additionally, the defender needs more time to compose a compelling legal defense due to the overwhelming workload. If you had hired a private criminal defense attorney, you would have been eligible for a potential reduction in the severity of your conviction.

As mentioned, public defenders assist those who cannot afford legal representation. They make much less money than a Maryland-based private criminal attorney since they work for the government. They are frequently overworked and underpaid.

Additionally, because they are not employed privately, and their reputation is not jeopardized, they are not held to a high standard of accountability. For instance, they can get away with making mistakes if a case is not properly prepared.

A private criminal defense attorney is a much better option because having a compromised case is not desirable.

Pros: Private Criminal Attorney

The advantage of a private criminal lawyer is that they can accept as many or as few cases as they choose because they have control over their workload.

Because of this, they can give each case enough attention, speak with the accused about the specifics of the crime and case, and ensure that the client is aware of all the hearing’s contents in advance. More frequent and improved contact ensures that the lawyer has ample time to identify any holes in the prosecution’s case that could lead to a charge reduction or dismissal.

Since you are paying a private criminal attorney, they must be responsible and give you access to various resources to uphold their good name and offer the best service. Personal defense lawyers quickly address any uncertainties or worries, swiftly responding to emails, taking your calls after hours, or even providing you with a private phone line for your convenience.

Furthermore, as there are no financial constraints, various resources can be used. Private laboratories, private investigators, and expert witnesses can all be recruited to test the evidence, find previously undiscovered evidence, and explain critical elements of the case. Your case will be handled far better than it would be by a public defender because private criminal attorneys in Baltimore frequently have a team of paralegals and associates.

You get to choose who handles your case. You can reach a lawyer by calling them directly or going to their website. Additionally, you can arrange a meeting to speak with the lawyer before deciding whether you want them to represent you. You can wait to choose a lawyer; you can weigh your options and choose the one you like the best. Criminal defense lawyers offer free consultations to help you identify the best fit for your needs.

In this regard, unlike with public defenders, where you can’t be sure if the person assigned is good, these lawyers are obligated to deliver quality services as their reputation is on the line.

Cons: Private Criminal Attorney

The cost of hiring a private attorney is typically the only drawback most clients think of. The charges can vary greatly depending on the circumstances, according to some.

Even though that is the case, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Furthermore, when dealing with sensitive issues, it is always advisable to weigh the advantages of hiring a private criminal attorney; the fee is frequently an investment in superior results.


A private defense lawyer in Baltimore is always preferable to a public defendant. Here is a fact to back up the claim: According to research, clients of public defenders are more likely to go to jail than clients of private counsel.In the future, you already know who to call if you need a criminal defense attorney.

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