What is the relevance of email security?

Like several types of network security, email security forms an essential part of the entire cybersecurity structure. Today, several companies usually overlook the relevance of email security till it’s very late. They tend to forget email protection until there is a security incident that results in some data loss.

The question that organizations need to ask is why email security is essential! Only then can they realize the importance of securing the enterprise from dangerous email security threats. Do you want the same for your organization? If yes, you can check out trustifi.com for more information.

Importance of email security

Email protection is essential as cyber threats such as social attacks target enterprise through email and other communication mediums. For instance, the phishing emails might trick the users and get sensitive and mission-critical data out of them. They might sanction the fake invoices and compel them to download malware that can affect the network security ultimately.

When a person’s email account gets compromised, the hackers can send malicious, phishing emails to various people. And this way, they can spread their attack further and rob crucial company data. When the wrong email account gets usurped, it can lead to data breach and data theft that can cost a company millions and result in an irretrievable loss.

Email protection can resolve several security threats that compromise a company’s email accounts.

The threats to email security

If you want to secure your email, you need to know the most significant security threats. They are:

  • Phishing attacks

It is essential to know that there are close to 3.4 billion fake emails forwarded daily as a phishing scam. Based on the latest reports, 3.4 is the minimum number. The actual number is more. Hence, you can imagine the dangers that these phishing emails pose to email and network security. And the worse is that phishing attacks are becoming highly sophisticated to detect today. That is the reason why so many big brands are falling prey to it.

  • Spear phishing attacks

It is a name for a specific type of phishing attack that gets customized. Usually, the phishers here target a particular person or company. These attacks attempt to replicate an enterprise’s official communications style and tone and add the company logo and letterhead. They also use an email domain, which is very similar to the original organization domain name. Most people are falling prey to this attack and are compromising their crucial data.

  • Weak email passwords

When the hacker can guess an email account’s password, they can hack the account easily! It happens when the password is easily identifiable and, in other words, considered weak. Based on the DBIR 2019, about 80% of the attacks get compromised because of weak passwords. Companies must invest in password managers and ensure that they use a tough and competent password to decode by hackers.

These are some of the reasons for which companies need to invest in email security! It will help to secure the company data and also help the company from ruining its reputation.