What Is The Process of Tile Restoration in Brisbane?

Tile Restoration in Brisbane is a procedure that requires precision and skill to ensure the longevity of your tile surfaces. It’s different to retiling, which involves taking out the old tile and installing new tiling. Tile restoration helps to bring back the original shine, colour, and texture to your tiles, and take them back to how beautiful they looked when they were brand new. The process involves cleaning, sealing and polishing the tiles, as well as restoring the groute, ensuring each step is completed in order for lasting results. If you’re interested in what tile restoration entails, we explain the entire process below. 


After many years of wear and tear and foot traffic, tiles can get dirty – even if you clean them regularly! The first step of the tile restoration process is to clean the tiles. This ensures that all dirt, dust, and grime is removed from the surface before any polishing or sealing takes place. Different methods can be used depending on the type of tile being restored, but usually a light detergent solution or a steam cleaner will do the job perfectly. It’s an important step, and allows the original beauty of your tiles to start to come through again. Once they’ve been cleaned properly, the tiles must be allowed to dry. This prevents any water damage that could occur.  


Once the tile has been cleaned, it’s time for the sealing process. Sealing is a common step for all kinds of surfaces installations or restorations. It forms a new protective barrier on your tile so that they’re protected and looking brand new for longer! A sealant is applied to both ceramic and porcelain tiles with a brush or roller, and helps protect the tile surface from future staining and damage. It also helps to make the tile easier to clean in the future! That way, your newly restored tiles will last, and look brand new for a longer period as well.


The last step of the tile restoration process is polishing. Old and outdated tiles can look scratched or faded, as well as discoloured. Polishing them after cleaning and sealing, helps to bring back the original shine and colour of the tiles, as well as to rejuvenate them for a longer lifespan. Depending on your specific needs, you may choose either a manual or an electric polisher. Both methods will get the job done, and you’ll have beautiful tiles that look brand new again! 


Grouting is an essential part of tile restoration in Brisbane, but is not always necessary for every restoration project. Grout can become dirty over time, as dirt, dust, and grime can gather in the grooves between the tiles. After years of use and foot traffic, grout can also get worn down, become cracked or chipped. The last thing you want is for the grout in your newly restored tiles to look old and shoddy. Damaged grout can also cause issues, such as sustained water damage, trapped dirt and bacteria growth, which can affect your health. Grout of this kind of wear needs to be repaired and restored, and then sealed so that this kind of damage does not occur again. 


Tile restoration can help to extend the life of your tiles and bring back their original shine, colour, and texture. The process involves cleaning, sealing and polishing the tiles in order to achieve lasting results. It’s important to consult with a professional tile restoration company, as they can help you with the best methods and products to use for your specific tiles. With the right care, your tiles will look as good as new! 

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