What is the best ultraviolet light sanitizer?

Imagining mold, bacteria, and viruses multiplying in your HVAC system are horrifying. Specifically, when you are anxious about sanitary and a clean atmosphere across your home. The threat is real and can’t be avoided as this might become a severe health hazard, especially for breathing problems such as asthma and C.O.P.D.

Sensible people are opting for ways to get their ductwork sanitized. People in Roswell are drastically moving towards installing UV light lamps to sanitize their vents and keeping the environment safe. But which one to choose and is this cost worth it. 

This expensive gadget is known for killing viruses and bacteria for ages. It is operational in hospitals, restaurants, and now in the majority of retail stores—all for the sake of a clean, germ-free environment. And since the pandemic has started, the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention has kept its primary focus on installing UV light lamps in HVAC systems in each home to prevent the spread.

What kind of UV light should one install in their HVAC systems, and which one is the best of all? 

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lights are the kinds that are installed in your HVAC system. These are widely available across the U.S. UV light Roswell has is the primary concern for Roswell’s residents regarding cost and gadget effectiveness shortly.

Many companies produce variants of UV light lamps with different intensities of UV for your convenience. Majorly two types of UV light lamps are made specifically for your HVAC system. Please don’t get confused with the names. Purifying lights and sanitizing lights etc., are also the same.

Coil sanitizing UV lights: Ideal for central air conditioning units, as the coil is present indoor. Why coil? Well, it’s the primary location for mold and bacteria to make space for themselves. When the air flows, it carries dirt, pet dander, and debris that gets stuck to the moisture around the coil and remains there until gathered manually. 

Coil sanitizing lights are the most commonly sold and used across the U.S. UV light Roswell, coils are widely installed. They are available in two forms: a single lamp and a double lamp. These are installed nearby your coils, so the light directly shines onto the surface. One good thing about it is that you don’t need to turn them on or off according to need. They can always be left turned on for better performance. 

  1. An air sanitizing UV lights:

They are installed into your ductwork to kill all germs, mold, and bacterial presence in your air, designed in either u-shaped or the shape of a stick. People often chose this kind of because of pets at home and when they have any one person who suffers from allergens. 

These are made to coordinate with the blower motor. So it’s easy for you to turn it on or off according to your need. Installation of these is expensive as it needs to be hard-wired with the system. 

The cost you endure while you purchase either of the sanitizing lamps is worth it. Nothing can be more precious than the health of your loved ones. Fixture cost, installation cost has a significant part, and it will only be charged once. UV light lamps are not replaced every 14 months depending on the usage, and then and the cost of replacement is less alongside you save on energy as well. 

Which UV light sanitizer to buy for your HVAC system?

Either one you choose has its benefits. Because UV light has a massive effect on the air you breathe and on your duct system. When mold and germs are killed, you save yourself from the maintenance cost for cleaning out dirt and debris and protect yourself from nasty odors that revolve around your home. 

If any of your house members suffer from allergens and you got pets and live in such an area where dust in the air is quite common. Then we suggest you install air sanitizing lamps. Depending on the type of house or apartment you have, you can either install one lamp. Still, if you have a prominent place with an extensive HVAC system, then we suggest you get yourself two lamps UV light sanitizer or a germicidal lamp. 

If you live in an environment where humidity levels fluctuate, and moisture retains in your ducts, and you feel unpleasant odors in your home. Then opting for a coil sanitizing lamp is the best fit for you. They have a direct effect on the coils and retain from mold production and related health hazards. 

For further sanitizing, we recommend before installing either UV light sanitizers:

  • Have your filters replaced with clean ones 
  • Seal ducts to prevent contamination 
  • Clean your coils and furnace 

Feel free to ask about anything related to your HVAC system to your local service providers. Following some essential cleanliness and installing lamps for sterilization will help you and your family in many ways possible and get rid of enormous health hazards. 

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