What Is Exolix?

The crypto trading market is so unstable lately that many people choose to swap their coins for some other to be able not only to save their investments but also to enrich their assets. Exolix is the service that helps them carry out the exchange under the most favorable conditions.

The crypto exchange platform Exolix was founded in 2018. Therefore, it has four years of experience in the sphere and knows for sure how to do its job properly. How do we know about that? The ratings and user reviews claim it’s one of the best out there. 

The service implements the best approaches to converting coins for an excellent customer experience. By swapping your digital currency on the Exolix website, you may be sure to avoid registration, KYC verification, and any other procedures that may interfere with your confidentiality. This crypto exchange service follows the principles of anonymity in its work. So if this is what you want, look no more and swap your coins on Exolix.

Aside from this, the platform ensures the exchange process takes minimum time. Along with the opportunity of fixing the exchange rate for 60 minutes, this allows you to avoid any financial losses due to market volatility.

How Does Exolix Work?

The operation of the Exolix exchange is based on its integration with the largest crypto trading platforms. When the user selects the coins pair they’d like to swap, the system looks for the best buy-trade rates to offer the best deal for the client. You can fix the rate and fulfill the conversion.

How Transactions Go?

All transactions on Exolix are securely protected from unauthorized intrusion and other issues. Therefore, you may not worry about the safety of your funds. The exchange goes in four steps:

  1. You pick the coin pair you’d like to swap, like USDT to BTC for example , specify the amount you send and type in the recipient’s address, aka your wallet address.
  2. The system generates a wallet address where you have to deposit the coins you want to swap. Once the crypto reaches the wallet the exchange process starts.
  3. Exolix will find the most favorable exchange rate option. The transaction will usually take 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount you send.
  4. Once the payment is made, you’ll get the transaction ID so you can track the movement of your coins.

Bottom Line

The simplicity of using Exolix service, its reliability, and favorable exchange rates make it a great choice for crypto investors who want to swap their coins. Check it out and see it for yourself.