What Is Assam Bachao And Why Introduced?

Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) on Tuesday introduced Assam Bachao Social Media Video Contest. The purpose of Assam bachao Congress is that to bring the problems which are all remained unsolved in the state. In this contest, anyone can participate. If you are the one who is living in Assam and want to get a solution for any issue then you all set to participate in the contest.

You no need to think that its waste of time and effort. The videos you post will be checked by the concern people and then the best video will be offered with a prize. The prize is huge whether it is an iPhone or huge cash. That’s why you want to participate on this contest. The video you want to make is wanted to bring a change in such a way you must shoot it.

Along with that the length of the video should be 2-minute alone. Thus, it is easy to make and post it right? When it comes to posting a video you all get confuse where to post and all. As the contest topic is social media you all set to post it in any of the social media platform. No matter the social media platform is you can post the video.

If you are about to post the video in the sense then don’t forget to include the hashtag #AssamBacho so that the video content you have posted will be seen by the appropriate heads.

Why want to participate?

If you want to bring some changes means then you must take step forward to show the current issue that want to alter by giving a solution. The main aim of the contest is that understanding as well as acknowledging a problem. So if you want to make any issue to solve soon then you must be a part of the video contest. That’s why you are required to make use of the contest that will surely bring some change. All you want to do is simply take a 2 minutes video and then post it on the social media.

Who can participate?

As mentioned before, anyone can participate in Assam bachao Congressanyone can participate. The people across the state can surely participate in the contest. At the same time, even if you are one in Assam but living in abroad or anywhere can also participate in the contest. But, participant who are all below 18 are not eligible to participate in the contest. Other than that anyone can easily participate in the contest.

The best video in the contest will be selected and honoured with a huge prize. As provided before, it is iPhone or else huge money. So, don’t miss this chance to make some changes in your state. If your video is strong and true then an immediate action will be taken and then a proper solution also offered to the problem that you have mentioned in the video content.


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