What Is Asphalt Paving And Why Experience Matters

Asphalt paving is any paved surface that employs asphalt as the construction material. Hot Mix Asphalt or HMA is the most commonly used form of asphalt paving. According to the Asphalt Pavement Association, HMA is a combination of 95% stone, sand, and gravel, that is bound together by asphalt cement. While asphalt is a commonly used material, other construction materials include:

  • Concrete
  • Tar
  • Stone
  • Composite Pavement
  • Gravel

Asphalt is used for:

  • Parking Lots
  • Roads
  • Subdivisions
  • Driveways
  • Commercial and Industrial Use

Asphalt is the ideal choice because it is extremely safe and smooth. This is a great thing for both drivers as well as construction clients. Because asphalt payment provides a very smooth and well-constructed surface, the need for repairs is less frequent. This is a major boon for the construction client. As a result of the durability of asphalt, customers will not have to pay exorbitant fees for repairs or construction.

When it comes to road construction you want to have a long-lasting surface. That’s why it’s important to get the job right the first time. This is where experience in asphalt paving comes in handy. There are literally hundreds of asphalt paving mixes that can be used for any given project. It is important to know which asphalt paving mixture should be utilized for the project at hand. At Bowers Asphalt & Paving, you are not expected to know which asphalt paving mix is best for your project. It is the responsibility of the professional to understand how to best service the client.

Experience Is Key

No one has time for costly roadway repairs. Bowers Asphalt & Paving concentrates on making your project the very best they can be. In this manner you can focus on your business as opposed to focusing on how people are coming into your business. With experience you understand that how a road looks is important as well. Potential customers have more confidence in the business when they have not dipped into several potholes on the way to the door. A clean, smooth surface way to enter a business helps the customer focus on the business as opposed to how difficult it was to get there. The same holds true for subdivision roadways as well as public highways. Laying the foundation for a safe and smooth trip for all is the cornerstone of Bowers Asphalt & Paving.

Damage to asphalt paving can be avoided by properly installing the pavement to begin with along with quality preventative maintenance. These two aspects are the main focus of Bowers Asphalt & Paving. Cracks and potholes are the most common types of repairs needed for asphalt paving.

Bowers Asphalt & Paving has been in business since 1946. As they near the completion of their first 100 years in business they have seen many things along the road – no pun intended. The professional staff at Bowers can properly assess a project in the planning stages. This foresight ensures a better outcome for the project. That means they’ll be less repairs needed.

Seal Coating Finishes The Deal

Proper seal coating takes time. After asphalt is installed an extensive period of time, between 6 to 9 months must be employed before the seal coat is laid. This allows for proper bonding. Seal coating is just one example of how experience plays a significant part in asphalt paving construction. Bowers maintains the projects at the request of the clients. Review and preventative maintenance are a mainstay of a quality constructed roadway or asphalt paving project. Bowers offers this preventative maintenance to ensure that the project is done right the first time and maintained with high-quality standards.


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