What is a Loft Style Apartment?

Have you recently started the hunt for a perfect house? If yes, then you must be coming across many unfamiliar terms, including words like loft spaces and loft apartment. For a first time home buyer, it is important to understand the various types of apartments and then decide which one best suits their wants, needs, and what’s available. They can choose from studio, micro apartment, loft, duplex, triplex, high rise, rail road, condo, townhouse, and more. Here, let us specifically focus on the loft style apartment and understand what it means.

A loft apartment usually refers to a large, adaptable open space that has been repurposed for living quarters and typically lacks interior walls (except for the bathroom). Traditionally, lofts are converted industrial structures that now house contemporary residences. High ceilings, exposed pipes, brick walls, ceiling beams, and enormous, spacious windows are the basic characteristics of these apartments. Such kinds of apartments are ideal for tenants who value urban living, distinctive appeal, and large spaces. So, if you are chasing apartments for rent in Dubai, then lofts might just be the right choice for you.

Compared to a studio apartment that has an average size of 600 square feet, loft apartments tend to be much larger, often 1000 to 2000 square feet. Originating in New York during the 1960s, lofts have evolved over time to accommodate a more affluent clientele. The traditional lofts that are in converted industrial or commercial buildings are known as hard lofts. Conversely, today’s newer constructions that mimic the old-world industrial charm with modern amenities are called soft lofts. Let us know more about these two kinds of lofts.

Hard Lofts

Hard lofts consist mainly of renovated ancient buildings and warehouses, so when they are transformed into apartments, they retain these characteristics. Such lofts can be found in places that were once hives of industry, accompanied by a lot of brick and traditionally working-class areas. These buildings were not intended to be a high-tech housing choice but rather a functional space. People like artists and musicians find the rustic charm of hard lofts irresistible, worthy of having great vistas and natural light from those floor-to-ceiling windows.

Soft Lofts

As mentioned earlier, a soft loft is something that is intended to emulate the attractiveness of hard lofts. Made out of renovated residential buildings, soft lofts are modern upgrades and often feature a raised platform inside the apartment that gives the impression of another independent room. In contrast, hard lofts don’t have elevated platforms since they lose their historic charm. Soft lofts offer more storage space and tend to be more friendly to everyday functioning solutions, along with a better refined appearance.

Do I Need a Loft Style Apartment?

Whether you are a tenant or a home buyer, it is important to know the pros and cons of living in a loft style apartment. For many years, lofts have served as comfortable houses for single people and young professionals. In fact, people who are sick of renting confined spaces will adore the loft apartments. If you appreciate natural light coming throughout the day and are good at styling and artwork, then a loft is an ideal type of apartment for you. These apartments can also be divided into open-concert rooms with the use of furniture and dividers, thereby giving you the flexibility to decide which area of your house will serve as the main focal point.

Note that the type of furniture you use in a loft apartment should be different from the common furniture used in a typical apartment. As lofts barely involve internal walls, it is best to use versatile furniture that can offer various benefits for each room. Moreover, finding a place to store and organize your belongings in a loft isn’t simple. You won’t have the perks of bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets or desired amenities like roof decks or fitness rooms. Further, with huge windows and upper story, the heating and cooling costs go on the higher end.

You now know the basics of loft apartments, and if you fall into the loft-loving category, now is the right time to look for a great loft apartment.