What is 3PL?

Third party logistics service providers are companies that specialize in logistics services like warehousing, inventory management, shipment, packaging, etc. Since 3PL providers are standalone logistics companies, they can also provide aid, benchmarks and detailed tracking of each step of a company’s supply chain to expedite obstructions and hurdles in the whole supply chain management of a company.

Benefits 3PL Offers & Why It’s Better Than FBA

Here are some reasons why 3PL might be better for your business than Amazon FBA:

  • Immense Cost Savings

Due to Amazon’s monopoly and control over e-commerce platforms, Amazon charges high fees for shipment, storage, packaging, etc. A third party logistics service provider may be able to offer these services and solutions in comparatively more nominal packages.

  • Customized Solutions

3PL service providers offer customized solutions based on a business’s specific requirements, whereas Amazon FBA might limit the flexibility of choosing customized solutions tailored according to your business needs.

  • International Reach

Even though Amazon FBA allows selling to overseas markets, a 3PL provider will have networks of logistic partners that allows shipment, warehousing and dispatching of products into a wider audience across the globe.

  • Greater Flexibility

3PL providers offer more flexibility in terms of storage and shipping options, which can be beneficial for businesses that require specialized storage or shipping arrangements.

  • Detailed Benchmarks & Forecasting

A standalone 3PL provider can offer in-depth analysis of your supply chain with the help of their latest tools, technologies and trained staff.

More Control

With 3PL, businesses have more control over the logistics services, including inventory management, shipping, and customer service. This can be beneficial for businesses that want to maintain control over their brand and customer experience

In conclusion, 3PL providers benefit from their expertise to provide better logistics and warehousing services to businesses looking to make profits and achieve economies of scale selling on Amazon.

Orlov Logistics

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