What does a litigation lawyer do and how to know whether you need one?

Did you recently suffer from some kind of monetary loss or injury and think of suing the other party responsible for the injury? We all know that the best tool to bring forth the desired consequences as per the law is a lawsuit. However, it is true at the same time that a lawsuit is both expensive and stressful. 

In the US, as per recent reports, there are nearly 85 lawsuits for every 1000 people and this is the fifth-highest in the world. In fact, the American Bar Association says that there are more than 1. 3 million lawyers in the US. Since not all disputes result in filing a lawsuit, read on to know who litigation lawyers are and when you may need one. 

Defining Litigation Lawyers

A litigation lawyer is a licensed attorney who is responsible for representing you at the court after you file a lawsuit. When cases go to trial, you need a litigator. These lawyers can represent people who have been charged with criminal charges, they can represent injured people who are suing a negligent party, or they can represent business shareholders who are involved in a dispute. One thing in common about all of these types of legal cases is that they are all “going to court”.

For example, if you are a business owner in the Clearwater, FL area, then you would need the help of a Pinellas County commercial litigation lawyer to represent you and your interests in court.

However, being a litigation lawyer is not just about representing you in court. They should also be well-versed with the rules of criminal and civil procedure in the court where they practice. 

A litigation attorney should be experienced

When you choose a litigation attorney, you have to ensure he is experienced in matters of law and legal representation. You may be used to seeing lawyers who battle it out in court but you might not know that there are several lawyers who never litigate. 

There are several types of transactional tasks like making you negotiate a contract, closing a real estate deal, and initiating the sale of a business. Litigation attorneys should have the power to think on their own as there are many unexpected things that occur in the court. This is why an experienced litigator is always an invaluable addition to your side when you file a legal lawsuit. 

A litigator should strongly advocate your position

A litigator whom you choose must be a strong advocate for your legal position. The lawyer whom you hire should be capable of recognizing the legal issues that are involved in such a situation. Depending on the legal issues brought forth by the case’s facts and the prevalent laws existing in your locality, they will advocate the position. 

Your attorney is the one who will take care of your best interests in all transactions with the opposing party. They can even do so when dealing with the key witnesses and when discovery issues occur in a lawsuit. 

Therefore, if you’re going through a tough phase where you’ve been facing criminal charges or you want to file a lawsuit, you should always get the assistance of a litigation lawyer to reap the benefits of his services.