What Do You Do When You Have a Structured Settlement and Need Cash?

You might need cash early from your structured settlement, and getting it is not always easy. However, depending on the source of your structured settlement and the details of your case, you may have more options than you think. Read on to learn more about what you can do if you have a structured settlement and need cash now.

1.   Get a Trustworthy Company to Buy Your Annuity

If you need cash now but don’t want to sell your settlement outright, look into reliable and professional options by searching through companies that buy structured settlements.

These businesses will either buy all or some of your future payments with a lump sum offer. Most companies have no minimum payout requirements, and they usually buy annuities from all states. However, check out each company’s terms and conditions before agreeing.

2.   You Can Take All the Cash at Once

The alternative is to take your structured settlement in cash over time. That might sound better than receiving all your money at once, but it’s not always practical. You’ll want to make sure you have budgeted for such a large amount of spending cash, that way you don’t blow it on impulse purchases or other luxuries rather than something useful. It depends on the purpose of taking money from your structured settlement.

If you want to invest and make more money out of it, taking a lump sum payment will be good. But, monthly payments are suitable if they fit your wants and needs. Consulting with a reputable company like We Pay More Funding can help you decide what’s best for your situation.

3.   You Can Receive Payments on a Schedule

Structured settlements offer payments on a schedule over a set period of time. However, there may be times when you need a lump sum of cash instead of structured settlement payments. That is particularly true if you’re in dire financial straits and need money immediately to pay off bills or other expenses.

Selling part of your structured settlement payments for immediate cash is possible. Selling an annuity payment stream means trading future income for current cash payments on schedule. However, you must first contact your structured settlement company to get approval before you sell.

4.   Be Careful When Selling Future Payments

Be sure you are working with a reputable structured settlement company. The last thing you want is to take money out of your structured settlement below market value. Selling off your future payments in one lump sum usually does not have adverse tax consequences, but in some circumstances may. Make sure you consult a reliable company before taking any action.

5.   Complete the Necessary Paperwork and Wait for Approval from the Court

You’ll have to work with a professional to receive money from a structured settlement and file paperwork. Some courts require that you fill out additional paperwork if your claim involves more than $15,000 or for tax-free income over $10,000.

A reputable company that specializes in structured settlements should be able to help you get your cash within days. Remember that there may be fees associated with accessing your funds, so make sure you understand all costs upfront.


There are several reasons why people need cash from their structured settlement. Perhaps there’s a big purchase you want or need to make, like a house or car. Maybe you’re in between jobs and have no income coming in. Or, perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with your investments or can’t find good ones because your money is tied up elsewhere.

Whatever your reason for needing cash from your structured settlement, it pays to be aware of all your options before making any decisions. You can contact a company that buys structured settlements for more information about getting cash from a structured settlement! They will walk you through your options to decide what makes sense for you and how much money might be available now or in the future.


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