What Design Decisions Need to Be Made Before Building A Custom Home

Designing and building a custom home, no matter how big or small, involves much preparation and advanced thinking. It takes time and energy to work on the design and execute the same. So, here are some design considerations we have provided you with to remember before beginning construction on your custom home, like custom design homes in Sydney or elsewhere. 

Gardening and alfresco areas 

Planning for the landscaping and outdoor living areas that will accompany your new custom design home in Sydney or elsewhere is crucial. Your quality of life and your home’s value can benefit from well-designed outdoor living spaces. You may build a deck, patio, or pergola to make your outdoor space more inviting. Inviting entertaining space for family and friends can be created by adding amenities like a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. As a bonus, a beautiful landscape can increase the value of your property and create a relaxing ambiance that matches the style of your home’s exterior. 

Choose a house layout.

When designing a custom house, one of the first and most important steps is choosing a floor plan, and many companies employ architects who can help you do that. The cornerstone of your dream house is the floor plan, which should be designed to accommodate your way of life. Yet when picking a floor plan, there are additional considerations besides looks. 

Important questions to ask yourself when choosing the best floor plan include whether the kitchen should open into the living room or have its own dedicated space, the number of bedrooms you need, and the best location for bathrooms. 

Choose your outer appearance elements. 

People’s first impressions of your home and their expectations once inside are shaped by its outside. What about stone veneer? Brick? Stucco? Which roofing material do you favor and why? While asphalt shingles are still widely used, metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their longevity and efficiency. It’s important to consider the finishing touches of your new home, including the shutters, windows, doors, decks, porches, etc. 

Construction supplies and fixtures 

The quality of the building materials is as crucial as any other consideration when creating a unique residence. Please choose the best wall treatments and flooring materials for each space, and ensure they are long-lasting enough to handle heavy foot traffic. If you want to save money on energy expenditures while making your home more eco-friendly, sustainable choices are worth considering. You will be presented with various choices during your meeting with Morrison Homes.


While designing a custom home, it’s important to carefully consider every aspect of the project to guarantee that the client’s needs are met. There are a lot of important choices to be taken before building your dream home, including the layout, floor plans, interior design components, and materials.