What Are The Roles and Responsibilities of Commercial Carpenters

What does a commercial carpentry service offer? What do they do? What are the roles and responsibilities of commercial carpenters?

Let’s discover more about commercial carpentry and the pivotal role the carpenter plays in the construction process.

Creating Structures Out Of Wood

While there is certainly more to carpentry as a whole than simply working with wood and timber products and construction, creating new structures from wood is the primary task of a qualified carpenter.

For example, creating a wooden framework for homes or commercial buildings is one of the more common carpentry tasks and responsibilities. Other examples would be constructing the framework for the installation of windows, making built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets (although often the domain of cabinet makers), designing and installing wooden decking, fencing, staircases, balustrades, the installation of doors and architraves and much more.

With any facet of the building process that requires working with wood, you’ll no doubt find a professional carpenter or team of carpenters taking care of the work.

Maintenance, Repair and Restoration Services

The construction of new buildings and other structures is not the only role of a qualified carpenter. Structures also need regular maintenance, repairs and even sometimes the restoration of an old building of cultural significance.

Commercial carpenters are charged with repairing wooden structures and associated repairs. Once something has been constructed from wood, it’s not likely to remain in pristine condition indefinitely and repairs and replacement of wooden structures will be necessary.

Old buildings that have been deemed culturally significant will also need to be preserved, maintained and even restored to their original state. Commercial carpentry firms that specialise in this type of work play a pivotal role in organising and conducting the restoration process.

Maintenance, repair and restoration of structures that contain wood are just as important as the building of new structures. Commercial carpenters will spend much of their time performing these duties.

Residential and Commercial Renovations

Aussies love to renovate, either taking on the bulk of the task themselves and only bringing in qualified professionals when required, or assigning the entire renovation process to tradespeople.

Carpenters naturally play a pivotal role in any renovation project, whether it be a house, a business premises or some other commercial property. Old structures need to be dismantled and discarded and then new structures need to be planned and built. Much of this work will involve wood and timber and a carpenter will be required to get the bulk of the work completed, or ready for other tradies to perform their tasks.

Designing, Cutting and Measuring

Successfully putting a structure together is merely the end result of careful planning and meticulous measuring and cutting of wood by the carpenter.

Planning is not the sole domain of an architect. Carpenters play a pivotal role in the planning stages of any work that relies on commercial carpentry. Once a plan is in place, everything then has to be carefully measured before the cutting process takes place.

Once good planning, careful measuring and accurate cutting have been achieved, the task of assembling parts of a structure is made very straightforward, with the desired results being achieved.

Liaising With Other Builders and the Site Foreman

All building projects require the input of multiple skilled people to finish the construction process. Therefore, carpenters will regularly be liaising and consulting with other workers on-site, as well as the person overseeing the construction project.

Finding Commercial Carpentry Services In Your Area

Carpentry in Australia is an extremely popular trade, so finding a quality commercial carpentry service in your area shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem. One of the easiest ways to start your research and develop a short list of likely candidates is to go online and perform a search for carpenters in your location. If you are in Sydney, some search examples might be:

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  • And so on…

The Wrap

The roles and responsibilities of commercial carpenters are many and varied and carpenters play one of the most important roles in any construction or building project. Always take some time to research a carpentry company you plan to work with, to ensure they are a good fit for you.