What are the most common eye surgeries?

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Numerous eye operations are used to correct a wide range of vision problems. An ophthalmologist in Calgaryand worldwide often performs surgery on the eyes, and in most cases, patients get topical anesthetic to keep them comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure. Many people have operations on their visions for different purposes, like a skin tag on eyelid removal, and some other of the most popular are included here.

List of most prevalent eye surgeries

Glaucoma, retinal tears, Cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, detached retinas, and farsightedness/ nearsightedness are only a few of the disorders that can correct with surgery on the eyes by an ophthalmologist in Calgaryand wherever you live. The following describes some of the most frequent forms of surgical eye correction.

1.   Donating a cornea:

A cornea transplant is a medical operation in which a healthy cornea is surgically implanted in place of a damaged or diseased cornea. A corneal transplant is strongly suggested in the case of keratoconus or a similar disorder that leads to corneal thinning. Corneal transplants are effective in restoring vision. However, some patients may require corrective lenses or glasses following the operation.

2.   Blepharoplasty:

The doctor will make tiny or many small incisions to eliminate skin, muscles, and fat from the eyelids to correct drooping.

3.   Surgery for cataracts:

Cataracts are hazy spots on the cornea of the eye, which may impair vision. The doctor removes and replaces the cloudy lens, including an artificial lens, using microscopic instruments.

4.   Surgery for glaucoma:

Optic nerve degeneration, known as glaucoma, is often brought on by elevated intraocular pressure. In its latter stages, glaucoma may cause permanent blindness if it is not treated. Even though glaucoma has no known cure, it can reduce ocular stress and sensations alleviated with surgical intervention. Glaucoma specialist uses medications to treat glaucoma. To lower intraocular pressure, however, laser therapy or surgery may be necessary.

5.   Trabeculectomy:

The purpose of this procedure, which is used to treat glaucoma, is to provide an alternate drainage channel.

6.   Implantation of a drainage device for glaucoma:

A drainage implant for glaucoma is a tiny device surgically implanted in the eye. As a result, the eye’s internal pressure is reduced as excess fluid drains out.

7.   Correction of diabetic retinopathy using surgical means:

When a person has diabetes, unusual blood vessel development may occur, causing harm to the retina and the light-sensitive tissues behind the eye. When other treatments have failed, surgery is an option. The operation is performed to prevent or postpone loss of vision by increasing blood supply to the retina and blocking the formation of blood vessels.

8.   LASIK procedure

The cornea, the transparent tissue at the front of the eye, is reshaped during LASIK surgery using a laser. Hypermetropia, Myopia, and astigmatism are among the refractive defects that may be corrected by LASIK eye surgery. Many patients no longer need eyeglasses or contact lenses after LASIK surgery.

9.   Procedures on the Eye Muscles

A person with strabismus may have eyes that turn inwards, outwards, downward, or upward or can not always coordinate their movements with one another. When corrective surgery is required, which is not always the case, the objective is to realign the eyes by relaxing or strengthening the eye muscles. It might require dissecting and reattaching a force to a different part of the eye.


Corneal issues, refractive errors, and many others are all conditions that may be expertly diagnosed, treated, and surgically corrected by aglaucoma specialistat different eye clinics. You may make an appointment by calling the ophthalmologist in Calgaryand the nearbylocation that is most convenient for you.


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