What Are the Education Possibilities for Expat Children in Thailand?

Bangkok, much like most capital cities, has its fair share of international schools where the children of expat workers study, which offers the very same curriculum that the child would study if they were living at home. The international school offers either the British or the American National Curriculum and UK parents wish their children to continue with the same curriculum when they are living outside of the UK.

International Schools

The first international schools were established to educate the children of foreign diplomats and business owners, who live and work in a foreign country like Thailand or Malaysia, and as they use the UK curriculum, students can simply progress through the grades, no matter how many times they change schools. If you are looking for a new international school in Bangkok, start with a Google search, then browse the many websites, looking for a school that is suitable and located nearby.

Employer Sponsorship

For the majority of UK employees that come to work on an overseas posting, their children’s education is paid for by the employer, which is just as well, as international school term fees are very high. In order to attract the best teachers from the UK, the school must offer an attractive salary and package for teachers that are prepared to come and live in a foreign country for at least 2-3 years. A typical expat posting in a managerial position would include the following:

  • Free Rented Accommodation – Either the employer would pay a fixed monthly allowance or would rent the property directly.
  • Free Schooling – If you are taking the family, your employer would pay all school fees and expenses.
  • Transportation – Don’t be surprised if your employer gives you a company vehicle to use during your stay.
  • Tax-Free Salaries – This is not always the case, but your salary is often tax-free, depending on where you come from.

In the event you have brought your family to live with you while working in a foreign country and your employer will not subsidise your children’s education, then this will be an expensive posting. There are some private schools that teach in the English language, although they are not ideally suited for foreign children.

3-4 Year Postings

A typical posting for an expat manager would be for 3-4 years and the employer would cover all school fees and costs, and whether the student returns to the UK or goes to another foreign posting, their education will not suffer as a result.

The international school is the ideal learning environment for a foreign child and a nearby school can be found with a Google search.