What Are The Benefits CA Students Get From ICAI Login?

The Institute of chartered accountants of India and students pursuing a degree in CA can directly apply and registered themselves in this portal to get all the learning chartered accountant benefits. It is a degree that needs time and patience. It is a subject that has enormous potential earning. When becoming a member, students from this portal will get services like seminars, Workshops, mock tests, a counseling program for students, festivals, etc., which will help them better understand learning CA by attaining these different programs by registering themselves and become a member with the help of ICAI login.

Better learning opportunity when we registered ourselves and became a member of this portal, we can go to the student activity program. We will see different educational activities held by the respective regional council or board members like seminars, mock tests, workshops, etc. Students can also question if they are looking for an answer to help them in the long run without any doubt when pursuing education in this field.

  • Better Growth And Enormous Earning Scope

Becoming a chartered accountant is not an easy task. It needs more study materials and to attain different educational activities that this portal offers to the students who are learning CA for the first time by enrolling themselves and becoming a member and once they have successfully learned and become experts. Reputation organizations and other companies will hire them with excellent salaries because chartered accountants can maintain all the company’s financial goals from auditing, accounting, etc. Companies will hire these potential people.

  • Different Learning Software’s

Members of this portal can use all the different learning software to learn all the various aspects and categories of services this software offers. Students who are members of this portal can download software for practice like tally software, integrated GRC product suite software, practice management software, accounting software, etc. These help the students learn better and make their life easy without any worry.

  • Antivirus Protection Provision

Members and students of ICAI will be benefited from antivirus protection when protecting the laptop or a computer. When we use a computer, we always try to install an antivirus to prevent any security breach or any virus threat that will stop the computer from working. The good news is that they provide antivirus services to all the members, and students are registered and can take the benefits and defend their computers from any viruses while learning CA.

  • Virtual Certificate Courses

Students will benefit by taking these different courses when there are virtual certificate courses where there will be exams, and students who will achieve good marks in the exam will get these certificates. The classes they have are preparing appeals, drafting a deed, wealth management, financial planning, etc. By applying or sit for this exam, CA students will be benefited which will help them later.

  • Credit Card Benefits

All the ICAI members will get this service where they will get a lifetime credit card. There is no joining or years fee applicable when applying for a credit card by the members. Using this credit card will have extra benefits like getting reward points. 

  • Loan Facility

Students or members of ICAI will also get the loan facility. A loan is essential because it can borrow from the bank for emergencies or other expenses. Members of ICAI and students will get loan availability by registering themselves in the ICAI portal to avail the benefits. Members or students can apply for loans for professionals or individuals as per their requirements and benefit from it.

  • Insurance For Motor Vehicle

The committee of ICAI arranges motor vehicle insurance for students and members of ICAI for private vehicles, both four-wheeler, and two-wheeler which will ensure the person and member of ICAI when registered and use this service. The advantages will help them in their daily lives and make them less trouble when they have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeled vehicle. Motor vehicle insurance insured the person from damaging the car and covers any accident when driving the vehicle. It provides accidental cover for an individual from any accident.

  • Provide Medical Insurance

One of the best advantages and benefits students and members of ICAI will get medical insurance. Medical insurance is a necessity for every person to protect health and from any emergency. The committee of ICAI provides different medical insurance coverage for every individual, starting from health insurance, corona Kavach, personal accident, household insurance, office protection shield, etc. Students can protect themselves by taking these different medical services.

  • Life Insurance Cover

The life insurance cover helps us protect our kids or family member from sudden death or an accident. It is designed to protect and provide financial protection to the person on behalf of the person who dies under whose name the LIC is covered. ICAI members can use the LIC service to protect their family or kids during a natural death or an accident, so the family does not have to face any financial condition and claim for the insurance covered.

  • Download E-Book

The committee of ICAI creates E-book which the students and members can download into their computer or laptop, which will guide them as a suggestion when learning CA. A chartered accountant is not that easy subject, so these different E-books will motivate the students and learn more because these e-book works and help them solve any questions or answers they are looking for to become an expert in this field.


Today, all the CA students and ICAI members can use all of these services while learning CA and become an expert, and the benefit is getting a job in the best company with the best salary in the market. Protect from life insurance, medical insurance, attaining seminars, workshops, live video calling with the best CA teachers who will guide and help solve any questions. We can also download E-books as study material and practice with different software.