What are some of the best travel story books of 2022

When it comes to reading as a passion there is no comparison to other hobbies. Those who love to read and get insight from others’ experiences are the ones who derive the most benefits. This summer when you sit down to read some of the best travelogues you should have a list in mind. Make sure that you know what you should read and how to indulge in the best literature that is available for you.

Here is a list of the most exciting travel story books 2022. This should help you to get to know the world you have not traveled. This should help you explore ancient and yet exciting places.

1.     The deepest south of all: true stories from Mississippi:

When it comes to understanding different cultures you need to take a sneak peek at their history at the same time. The city of Natchez is the oldest one near the river where they use to have the largest number of millionaires living in the vicinity. The wealth, however, was built upon slavery and cotton. The deepest south has a history that changed its future. When the gay black man was elected as the mayor of the city and changed the whole outlook of the town.

The greatest travel writer Richard Grant is considered to be one of the best ones when it comes to their characterization, creating the ambiance, and adding humor to the scenes which makes it hit the list of the top travel story books of 2022.

2.     Soundings: a journey in the company of the whales:

It was Doreen Cunningham’s journey as a journalist which began in the northern most town in Alaska where she reached her carrier’s hike when she got to explore the whales and their meeting places.

The journey of whales and how they have a central meeting point in the middle of the city. However, more of it is about the journey of the woman and self-realization where she recognizes the need to understand her passion for marine life and build her life from the scratch.

This travel story book has more life lessons to learn than just exploring the world underwater. However, if you have a knack for an adventure story book for 2022. This could also serve out to be the best collection in your series and makes you rejoice in the world that you may not have thought about previously.

3.     The hiking book from hell: my Reluctant attempt to learn to love nature:

Not all the travel writers that your fond write about nature and their journey begins funnily. However, the writing of The Hiking Book from the Hell is a funny encounter of the events that begin to take place when Are Kalvin begins to lose his friends at the pub. Later be found that they are all busy with their mountain adventure. Something that the writer was previously not fond of and later begin to realize that it is the love of nature that has been lacking in his personality.

These are some serious and insane events lined up in the book where he later begins to experience that he has some inner passion for nature and that he couldn’t resist taking a selfie in the mountains.

Strange but true that these are some of the books that have travel, story, and adventure all combined in a form that excites almost all kinds of readers.

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