What are Rolex’s Most Famous Watches?

As one of the top luxury watchmaking brands in the world, it follows that Rolex’s are among the most coveted and in-demand timepieces on the market. And while the brand name and logo are often enough to push any timepiece released by the brand to the top of the market, there are some specific watches and collections which are more famous than others. 

In this article, we’re exploring the most famous watches that Rolex has released, considering both the investment value and timeless style of this most iconic of luxury brands.

Exploring the Rolex Brand

The logo of the Rolex brand goes some way to showcasing its status on the market: that is, Rolex is, for many buyers and watch enthusiasts, the king of the luxury goods industry. 

Combining unrivaled quality with the kind of innovation which has seen Rolex release the first waterproof watch and continue to dominate the market with sports and activity-specific collections and models, Rolex’s success comes from a mixture of market value and product quality. And with that comes the kind of prestige which is difficult, if not impossible, to compete with – especially given the endorsements which have continued to ensure that every new Rolex falls instantly into a position in the spotlight.

With that said, what are the most famous watches that the brand has created?

The Most Famous Rolex Watches

Rolex Submariner

Rolex is not big on brand-new models, opting instead for updated versions of the collections and ranges that already exist; serving to build on the success of models from its past and continue to drive brand popularity through innovation. 

The Rolex Submariner is a watch, which was first released in 1953, and has seen a number of updated models ever since, however, its purpose remains largely the same – functioning as a diving watch and offering optimized waterproofing up to a depth of 100m. In true Rolex fashion, the watch face of the Submariner is tailored as per the activity it was designed for, in this case, simply telling the time behind a case which is effective at keeping water out. Keep reading for more on how the watch face of each Rolex is indicative of its core purpose. 

To return to the Submariner, is one of Rolex’s most famous watches simply because it marked the innovation to deliver 100% waterproofing to new depths. A revolution in the water industry and one that other brands have struggled to match. 

Rolex Daytona

Named after the Florida Daytona Speedway, the Daytona model was designed with race car driving in mind – with three dials integrated into the watch face allowing for accurate timing during any race. 

First introduced in 1963, this was a watch that was created according to the demands and needs of professional drivers, and as such offers an incredibly strong and durable structure, which has enabled it to become a sign of status on the market. The internal chronograph movement is manufactured in-house by the Rolex team, further enhancing the USP of Daytona as a luxury investment watch.

Rolex Datejust 

Compared with the aforementioned Submariner and Daytona models, the Datejust is a little more subtle and elegant – however, that by no means makes it a lesser model. Designed for everyday use, the Datejust is popular with men and women alike and is one of the most-seen watches on the red carpet and among A-list buyers – owing to the simple user functions and the date marker which allows for accurate time and date-keeping for the user. 

Rolex has manufactured a specific feminine model with a more delicate design and shape, called the Lady-Datejust, in addition to the standard model – again in a nod to the high demand for the watch.

A brand for investors, collectors, and wearers

With several other iconic collections which all garner equal attention on the market, you’d be hard-pressed to find an authentic Rolex which didn’t sell for a good price on the resale market – and it’s this which makes Rolex such a popular brand among investment buyers as well as everyday buyers and wearers. 

In terms of the most popular models, Rolex tends to thrive when given a specific brief and consumer group to satisfy – however, even its most standard designs and simple pieces are elite and a cut above the rest of the market.