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Taking fun pictures has become more accessible thanks to Instagram and filters; now, they want the same fun at their weddings! Your event can be made more fun by having a photo booth. Photo booth hire in Sydney is a challenging job. You will have to do massive research before selecting the right photo booth Sydney. One of the most romantic escapes in the world, Sydney, is the perfect location for a wedding. With the help of a photo booth supplier, such a dream can be made even more fun and glamorous. We have listed the top five photo booth suppliers in Sydney and their offers here!

Photo booth To Hire

The Party Starters

Considering hiring a photo booth for your event? Photo booths from The Party Starters are the perfect way to start the party. A fun and exciting event without hassles or stress is their specialty. Regardless of the extent or spirit of your occasion, you can customize the style of the photo booth hire. Providing an affordable and simple service with excellent customer service is precisely what you need for your event.


A total of over 4000 successful photo booth operations have been completed since Photo Booth ME was introduced in 2010. Besides gif booths and sit-down photo booths, they also offer open-air, indoor and curtained booth styles and types. You can rely on them for your big day because they provide fun props, friendly service, and decades of experience.

Photo Corner

In addition to capturing the fun, capturing the lighting, creating memorable moments and adding an air of elegance, the Photo Corner believes in celebrating life. Their open-air booth is the right place to spend time with friends. Selfies, cupcakes, mustaches on sticks, and cupcakes are available at photo booths such as Photo Corner.

Capture That Photo Booth

Our Capture That Photo Booth offers guests and their families an unforgettable, unique and customizable experience. Hiring their services allows you to access their innovative photo booth technology and enjoy a completely customized experience. In addition, props can be chosen, as well as backgrounds and photo strips. It doesn’t end there! It’s even possible to customize the user interface and menu of the Photo Booth touchscreen.

SpinPod 360 

In the past few years, I’ve been able to see them at a variety of events. The 360 Photo Booth offers many more features than a traditional photo booth. It is also becoming more popular to capture slow-motion images in 360 degrees these days. The popularity of 360 photo booths has overtaken that of traditional photo booths. 

Using SpinPod 360, you can take 360° photos. Instead of boring photo booths with four images, 360° videos capture the beauty and memories of every event. People can post videos to promote their high-tech products or to share special memories. You can create an exciting video clip with SpinPod’s photo booth in just a few steps. The timing, speed, and music can be customized to create 360-degree slow-motion boomerangs. Spinpod 360 can handle all events, including award nights, birthday parties, weddings, and proposal parties. For the best photo booth hire Sydney, contact SpinPod.

Photo booths: why should you hire them?

It’s overwhelming to think about your wedding in the months leading up to it. Many brides and grooms look for photobooth hire in Sydney for their weddings. Wedding photo booths have become increasingly popular in Australia, but why? A photo booth at your wedding reception will allow you and your guests to create lifetime memories. Here is why you should go for Wedding photo booth hire in Sydney:

Adding to Your fun

Getting married is one of the best days of your life, without a doubt. In other words, you will almost certainly be experiencing the blues at the end of the day. 

After your wedding, nothing makes you remember how much fun you had better than browsing the photos taken in the photo booth! 

Create a hashtag

The hashtag is often chosen by wedding photographers today because everyone is on social media. If you browse social media platforms, you may need photos you would have otherwise found.

How does a photo booth fit into this scenario? There is much more to photo booths than just a stool and an automated camera. The digital age has transformed them into much more!

You can also offer your guests a whole host of quirky features that will last a lifetime, along with uploading their photos directly to Instagram.

No more blur photos

When people look through social media in the coming days after their Sydney wedding, they often see blurry pictures taken by drunk friends, not professional wedding photographs!

The quality of the photos will be fine with a photo booth hire in Sydney. Photographs themselves will be of excellent quality despite the tattered appearance of the people in them. You can make a photo book or wall art with them when you print these out.

Instant Memories for Your Guests

Of course, you and your guests will enjoy a photo booth at your wedding! It is a beautiful way to take home a memory of their special day as they pose with their friends and family in the booth. Guests will probably make the most of the photo booth if you view it as a gift. Photo booths are a great way to thank your guests in addition to your reception favours.

Hire A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Photo booths are perfect for weddings because they ensure that the bride and groom, as well as their friends and family, are captured on camera. Having a device that captures the people who celebrate your wedding is an excellent way to remember all who were part of your special day. A photo booth at a wedding adds a sense of fun to the event. It allows the bride and groom to capture quirky moments they would otherwise miss. Reviewing your reception later on, will be enhanced by these images.

A wedding can be viewed from multiple perspectives, and these photos demonstrate this. Many characters enjoy your big day and night with funny faces, wry expressions, moments of madness and twisted words.

As a result of Spinpod 360, photobooth experiences can be enlarged and shared in more ways. Laughter is an integral part of celebrating life and should never be underestimated. Our photo booths are overseen by a trained operator who ensures the experience is as enjoyable as possible. Without them worrying about you, you can enjoy your wedding day and get married.

We offer open photo booths so you can accommodate more people. There is more room for stuff. Our booths can accommodate more oversized dresses and hairstyles. There is no boundary to the number of moments you can share. 

Wedding photo booth hire with Spinpod 360 is a perfect choice. The next day, when everyone is nursing a hangover, they will remember you for having one at your wedding reception. You should set up a photo booth between your ceremony and reception to entertain your guests. With a wedding photo booth from Spinpod 360, your wedding day will be truly unforgettable for all who attend 

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