Web3 Mobile Games Bring Millions of Users to Blockchain

With our monthly Dapp Trends articles, DappRadar can assist whether you’re seeking for the blockchain equivalent of the next Spotify, Google, or Amazon. It’s critical to understand which blockchain projects, video games, financial dapps, and NFT initiatives create value and attract audiences for the appropriate reasons given the abundance of activity across numerous categories and verticals.

On the way to the broad acceptance of blockchain technology, games with cryptocurrency and NFT integration that address the user onboarding problem will be crucial. Games with Dapps, such as Gameta, Benji Bananas, Upland, and Trickshot Blitz, make it possible for anyone with a mobile device to earn cryptocurrency with little training, risk, or investment.

Games flex blockchain tech. 

Blockchain gaming helps to enrol millions of people to Web3 through casual gaming, much as the Summer of DeFi brought us more sophisticated finance and yield generation mechanics and opened up decentralised finance for the masses.

Any blockchain game that wants to attract users and, more crucially, keeps them playing must have quick and affordable microtransactions, lightning-fast load times, a reliable tokenomic mechanism, and elegant user experiences. What’s more intriguing is how games are experimenting with blockchain technology’s newest frontiers, like native marketplaces and in-game chat, and switching to mobile-first gaming.

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The proverb “bleed in the bear and run in the bull” is another factor contributing to the growing popularity of blockchain games. At this time, it’s fairly certain that buying cryptocurrency and other investments in a bad market will pay out in a bull one. Gamers seem to have gravitated toward a Web3 entry point that they are familiar with: a medium. Eighty percent of the top ten blockchain games have mobile applications, demonstrating the trend.

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Not all about money 

The fact that casual mobile games typically draw players trying to spend some time with an entertaining mechanic is a significant nuance in this discussion. The game’s addictiveness is influenced by the noises, graphics, and ease of level completion. The real kicker is earning. However, players who are native to the cryptosphere are aware of both sides.

Solitaire Blitz and Trickshot Blitz are two games that have recently gained popularity on the Near blockchain. These two games, which are produced by Joyride Games, award players with RLY tokens that may be redeemed for cash. They are accessible on iOS and Android and were created specifically for mobile. In the past 30 days, they have been responsible for more than 750,000 active users of blockchain games.

Another illustration is the transformation of the popular APE coin, which is unique to the Yuga Labs and Bored Ape ecosystem, from the free-to-play mobile game Benji Bananas into a play-to-earn title.

Additionally, the game mechanics are well-known and widely used and don’t present any significant linguistic difficulties. While the PVP pool is motivated by difficult mechanics and a desire to win, Benji Bananas is an infinite runner. Solitaire is possibly the most tried and tested game mechanic in the world.

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