Watching Manchester United Is the Greatest

Make sure you see Manchester United play soccer live once in your life. One star zooms another pass to another star and then another pass and a quick goal. It is like watching an all-star team of Soccer’s greatest. I am going to watch Manchester United and Manchester City play at Old Trafford. Since the nineties, we are fortunate to have English Premier League to watch. If you want to learn more about movies and entertainment, visit this website:

While many sports have lost their magic lately and diving in Koh Tao, English Premier League has now become your most exciting option for quality sports entertainment. Boxing and the NFL are on a decline of recent popularity.

Manchester United was founded in 1878. They are nicknamed the Red Devils. They moved to Old Trafford in 1910. They have won more league titles than all other football clubs in England. They have won twenty league titles. Their home uniform colors are a red shirt with white pants and away colors are a white shirt and black pants. They are one of the twenty contesting clubs in the English Premier League. They are the second richest and most valued football club. You can also visit this website for more entertaining movies.

Alex Ferguson was the teams manager from 1986-2013. In 1998, Ferguson and Manchester United became the first team to ever win the premier league title. Much of the team’s success is attributed to his leadership. His immediate replacement David Moyes was fired after a short time and the new club manager is expected to start winning big. There is annual revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars for Manchester United Jerseys and other team apparel. Ryan Giggs is a former player for Manchester United. He is now a helpful addition as assistant manager.

This summer Manchester United is hoping to hire some new players who specialize in scoring more goals. Upcoming opponents include Manchester City and Chelsea. Louis van Gaal is Manchester United’s current club manager. He is optimistic about winning Barclays Premier League soon. Manchester United visited many cities in the United States for soccer matches last season including LA, Detroit, and Miami and they are planning to do so again for a short trip this preseason. The International Champions Cup is a tournament that is played all over the USA. Manchester United won the International Champions Cup in 2014 when they beat Liverpool. There was recently a new record set of over a hundred and nine thousand people attending a game between Real Madrid vs Manchester United in August 2014 at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

I get my tickets for games online at Manchester United tickets. I predict some great soccer matches in the future when Manchester United meets their rivals. Rival teams include Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. Liverpool has not won a title in over twenty years. Liverpool has won eighteen league titles. The standings are currently close as many teams in the league have close to thirty wins. I predict Manchester United will win several more titles in the next few years because they have a great team. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about watching movies.