Walmart Fried Chicken Prices: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for delicious fried chicken? Walmart might have what you’re looking for. Walmart is a major multinational retailer that sells a wide range of fried chicken products. You can purchase it for your family or friends, as well as for a party. It doesn’t matter what purpose it serves, your taste buds are sure to be delighted! Walmart offers fried chicken at affordable prices both in-store and online. This article will discuss the various types of fried chicken Walmart offers, and also Walmart Fried Chicken prices.

Fried Chicken Walmart Categories

Walmart sells fried chicken from many brands including Fast Fixin’ and Tyson. Walmart’s website provides detailed information on the various fried chickens it offers.

Is Walmart’s fried chicken good enough?

It is said to be high-quality. Walmart’s frozen fried chicken has received positive reviews from many customers. The majority of the fried chicken remains juicy inside and crunchy on the outside. The breading is thick and the pieces are large. The wings are also flavorful and high-quality.

What is the cost of fried chicken at Walmart?

The price of fried chicken at a retail shop varies depending on the quantity you order and where you live. Prices range between $7 and $55.

A small serving size, such as 8 pieces, is typically $7-11. Let’s start by comparing the prices for various sizes of fried chicken at Walmart.

  • Freshness Guaranteed Chicken Chilled Fried 8 Pieces: It is delicious and crispy, with no added preservatives. This makes it a great choice for a quick and easy family meal. The 8-piece fried chicken is only $8.47 on Walmart.
  • Banquet Original Crispy Fried Chicken 42 Oz: This chicken is comprised of a variety of chicken breast, thigh and drumstick pieces. They have been breaded and fried to crisp perfection with Banquet’s unique seasoning. Banquet’s frozen boneless chicken pieces can be reheated in the microwave or convection oven. This chicken is great for game day snacks and weekday meals. It will cost you $11.48 (or 27.3 C/per oz).
  • Hungry man selects classic fried chicken frozen meal:Tender white or dark chicken pieces are served with delicious corn and homemade mashed potatoes. This is a quick and easy microwavable meal that only costs $3.98.

Walmart also offers medium to large portions, including 25-100 pieces. These items are usually around $28-55. Let’s take a look at some of these:

  • 50 pieces chicken: These are $27.74 each and can be served 20-25.
  • 50 pieces of chicken with sides: These are $39.48 each and can be served 20-25. Sides include potatoes, mustard potatoes, macaroni or slaw.
  • 100-pieces chicken only: These are $54.98 and can be served to 45-50 people. This includes breasts and thighs, legs, wings, and wings.

Walmart also offers party trays that include a variety of food items for customers to order.

  • Chicken Trio Tray The medium serves 15-20 people, while the large serves 20-25. This platter includes ranch dressing and crispy chicken tenders, buffalo wings, and chicken tenders. Medium size costs approximately $28, while large sizes cost approximately $44.
  • Flavored Wings tray: This includes boneless barbecue wings, buffalo chicken wings, and carrots and celery sticks. Medium tray can accommodate 20-24 people while large tray can accommodate 28-32. Medium is $32, while large is $38.

Top Tips for Buying Fried Chicken from Walmart

Walmart has a reasonable price for its fried chicken but you may still want to cut costs. Here’s how to do it:

  • You will save money if you buy bulk.
  • Side dishes can be purchased with fried chicken to save money.
  • Look out for promotions or specials that offer fried chicken and other products at lower prices.
  • Walmart coupons are available. Walmart provides instructions on how to get its coupons.
  • You can eat with your family or friends and buy large quantities of food, which will help you save money.


Walmart offers a wide selection of chicken wings and fried chicken. Customers can choose from a wide range of chicken wings and fried chicken sizes at Walmart. Customers can purchase small portions for as low as $10, and large quantities for as little $50. The chicken comes pre-packed and can be heated up in a matter of minutes. Customers can save money and still enjoy delicious meals with their loved ones by purchasing chicken bulk.

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