Vlad Buryanov – Former Bartender Creating Amazing Content on YouTube

Vladymyr Buryanov is a world-renowned bartender and social media sensation who uses his bartending knowledge to create amazing content on social media. Buryanov was born in Yalta, Ukraine, and attended Yalta Commercial College. In 2007, he came to America and developed an interest in bartending after he watched the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise. The US-based artist, also known as ‘Vlad SlickBartender’ among his fans, has already established himself on the global stage as one of the top bartenders on YouTube. With a rapidly growing fan base across all popular social media platforms, the content creator now has more than 10 million followers from all over the world on TikTok and more than 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

“I am extremely grateful to all my fans, followers, and subscribers on my social media presence, who have been very supportive throughout my journey,” Vlad SlickBartender said, thanking his fans from all over the world for their support. “The content I create is essentially a passion that I share with all of these wonderful people who watch, like, enjoy, and share my content with other users in the cyber sphere,” he continued.

Vlad is also a former World Champion bartender who loves to entertain people with his ideas, style, and content. In a nutshell, the artist is simply elevating the concept of bartending videos by transforming them into content for the rest of the world to enjoy.

According to Buryanov, the pandemic has been the core reason for his popularity. He told the audience in an interview that he has been uploading videos on his YouTube channel since 2015, with the majority of them aimed at teaching new bartenders the ropes of bartending. Between 2015 and the beginning of 2020, he had amassed a modest following of around 160,000 subscribers, with a couple hundred thousand views per month.

Then came the lockdowns, and his channel went from a few hundred thousand to a couple of million views per month. Buryanov believes that because people were stuck at home and no longer frequenting COVID hotspots e.g., bars and nightclubs, they were attempting to DIY their own drinks and came across his videos while looking for inspiration.

Given his passion, Buryanov has now become a full-time YouTuber, posting videos multiple times per week on his YouTube channel (2.8 million subscribers) and his TikTok account, which he started during the pandemic and that has managed to gain over 10 million followers. His YouTube viewership has steadily increased, rising from a few million views per month to over 100 million views per month and over 1.5 billion lifetime views.

Buryanov sees increased exposure as a way to not only build his own business as a content creator but also to make bartending education available to potentially millions of newcomers.