10 Vital Things to Look for in Transient Home

Are you planning on your next dream vacation?

Lately, you’ve been feeling cramped and overwhelmed. You want to get out for a while and breathe. Stressed and overworked, you picked a destination. You planned your stay and activities there for days. And one of the most crucial tasks in planning a vacation is looking for excellent accommodation. A clean and cozy place to stay and relax your mind. The place where you can leave everything behind for a while and let your mind wander.

Now that you’re looking for a place to stay, you have two things to consider — the price and convenience. You can go to an expensive hotel where you can stay comfortably, 24-hour service, people who will clean for you, and all the perks if the cost isn’t an issue. Or you can stay at an inexpensive yet comfortable transient home.

What is a Transient Home?

Transient homes are rentable living spaces available for a short-term stay. It could be either semi-furnished or fully finished. They have the usual parts of a home. They can have a living room, a couple of bedrooms, and a bathroom. Also, they can have a functioning kitchen where you can cook compared to a regular hotel room. A transient home can also have extra spaces like balconies and parking spaces.

Why Rent a Transient Home?

Transient homes are great if you’re traveling with your family or more than three persons. Renting a transient home gives you and your family and friends freedom to do a lot of things. You can cook a lot of food because of the availability of a kitchen. You can chill and bonding activities because of the living room and extra spaces.

Nowadays, it’s not that difficult to look for a temporary home to rent. You can do it by just looking through online websites. The great thing is that most real estate websites Philippines are mobile-friendly. Wherever you are, you can search for a transient home to rent at like in the DMCI townhouse.

What to look for in a Transient Home?

Looking for the right transient home can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The first thing to consider is, what does your group need?

  • Do you need a lot of rooms?
  • Do you need to cook for a lot of people?
  • Are you traveling with your pets?
  • What is the maximum number of people allowed?
  • Do you need parking spaces?

Having a clear set of needs will help you find the right transient home for you.

Here are more tips on what to look for in a transient home.


Look for transient homes that can accommodate your group. If you travel with couples and families with kids, maybe you should look for a home with rooms to have and enjoy your privacy.

There are transient homes that have bunk beds perfect for friends and relatives. There are also transient homes with balconies and open spaces for your planned activities like birthdays, barbecues, and drinking.


Having enough room space is essential when you want a comfortable vacation. You wouldn’t want to stay and sleep in a cramped room, right?

After a long day of tours and activities, sleeping in a friendly, clean, and comfy room will prepare you for the following day.

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Check if the provided beds are big and comfy enough. See if the rooms are air-conditioned or well-ventilated. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a space that feels like a sauna during your summer travels.


Look for transient homes with clean and spacious bathrooms. A well-maintained bathroom is a joy to use. Check if the bathrooms have useful accessories like:

  • Water heaters
  • Bidet
  • Vanity sets
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Cleaning tools and supplies
  • Towels
  • Storage
  • Air fresheners


Some tourist destinations have many spots and attractions nearby. Places that take a whole day to enjoy. Suppose you’re having a vacation in an area like this. It’s best if you look for a transient house in a strategic location. Usually, you can find one that is almost in the center of all the tourist spots.

Also, look for transient homes somewhere near the airport if you’re traveling by air. That way, you don’t need to rush and be stressed on your way back.

Night Life

Tourist destinations often have busy nightlife. After a day of sight-seeing and adventures, exploring the town’s nearby night attractions would be an excellent nightcap. Live bands, night markets, food bazaars, clubs, and parks are some of the night attractions you can go to. Look for transient homes near these attractions.


Cooking your meals is better when you’re traveling on a budget. Traveling is expensive. If you’ve planned a multi-day vacation, cooking can save you a lot of money.

Prepare a meal plan if you plan on cooking while on vacation. Ask where the local market is and buy all the necessary ingredients in advance.


If you’re planning on using your car for travel, look for a transient home with parking space. If you’re going to a well-known tourist destination, you can expect a lot of vehicles. Check if the transient house your renting can accommodate your car. You want to sleep soundly knowing that your car is safe and secured.

Pet-Friendly Transient Homes

Every pet owner planning a vacation dread the thought of leaving their beloved pets behind at home. As much as possible, they want to include their pets in their travel. Unfortunately, not all transient homes allow pets. If you can’t leave your pet behind, look for pet-friendly transient dwellings.

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Internet Access

We all love sharing our travels on our social media. We love to share and inspire our friends to travel. Along with that, we also love to share pictures of anything interesting like food, art, and local culture. If you love taking snaps and sharing them, look for transient homes that provide internet connection.

With an internet connection, we can quickly check and research hidden gems in that area. An example is a specialty restaurant that only a few bloggers know. Or a hidden falls that most tourists wouldn’t go to.


To make sure that you’re getting the best transient house, check online for reviews. Check their Facebook, Instagram, website, and other platforms for reviews. These are genuine reviews by tourists before you. You’ll get first-hand experience from other tourists. You’ll get an idea of what to expect when you rent that transient home you found.