Virtual Clothing Try On: The Future Of Fashion?

It is not surprising that the modern fashion industry has transformed significantly over the past few years. The face of the entire industry has changed from what it was even a few years ago, and several new and hot trends have taken over the fashion industry in recent times. Amongst several new trends and advancements, the most remarkable one is the popularity of online fashion, which has significantly grown in recent times.

As a matter of fact, e-commerce fashion sales are estimated to double in value in 2022. The retail fashion industry is undergoing a major transformation right now, and modern technology has made a significant contribution towards this major evolution of the industry. According to statistics, the estimated value of ecommerce fashion sales was around $4.28trn in 2020 and is estimated to rise to $ 5.4trn in 2022.

With fast fashion losing its relevance and consumers looking for improved shopping experiences online, new technologies like virtual clothing have been incorporated by several major fashion brands across the globe.

Why Is Virtual Try-On The Future Of Fashion?

Virtual clothing try-on has been one of the major hits in the online fashion retail industry. While customers could only try clothes and check the fit at brick-and-mortar stores, today’s scenario has changed. Customers can virtually try on clothes at online clothing stores as well. Virtual try-on has enabled brands to deliver a far superior shopping experience to their customers.

Consumer demands and expectations are constantly changing and evolving, and technology-driven experiences like 3D fitting sit at the forefront of the industry’s modern trends. With rising awareness amongst customers, a survey suggests that most female shoppers would prefer quality over quantity regarding fashion products. Customers now think twice about the products they buy and want the finest experience when shopping for garments online.

This has made way for new tech-driven experiences in the retail fashion sector, and augmented reality (AR) technology sits at the forefront. According to statistics, the AR market is estimated to be valued at $ 198bn by the year 2025, which was just $ 3.5bn in 2017. With the help of multiple technological solutions like 3D body scanning and AR technology, innovative fashion solutions like virtual try-on will revolutionize the fashion retail experience.

What Does Virtual Fitting Technology Do?

The virtual fitting technology enables customers to try on clothing and check the size, fit, and style. This entire thing is done virtually without physically wearing the clothing item. This is enabled through a combination of camera-equipped devices and AR technology that create a realistic virtual representation of the clothing item to portray how the product would look on the customer’s body.

Ending Note

With an idea as convenient and exciting as trying on clothes from the comforts of your home, the virtual fitting will be the next thing in the future of fashion, enabling brands to offer safe, convenient and tailored consumer experiences.