Using a good refrigerated courier

A refrigerated delivery service will pick up frozen or cold goods. It will keep them at the temperature they require throughout the whole of the delivery journey. It is there to keep your items safe and at the most correct temperature. Chilled courier transportation is simply vehicles which are refrigerated. This is all to ensure a temperature-calibrated environment. It will be one ideal for transporting food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, even fine art.

Refrigerated couriers have an important task. Transporting food from the area of origin through to the place where it is to be purchased or used in food preparation should be carried out safely and in accordance with the relevant legislation. Let’s say for example you were responsible for the management of refrigeration courier trucks. You would be legally obliged to ensure that your vehicles and drivers fully complied with the regulations.

This is a key task

Refrigerated couriers should be certified and properly trained. This is because food that has been incorrectly transported or stored at the wrong temperature can result in unpleasant surprises. This will be for consumers and financial penalties for companies who fail to comply.

This really is a service you can trust

Items that need refrigerated delivery are often delicate or sensitive. They may include food, beverages and even medical supplies. You are probably concerned about the safety of these items as damage may occur due to mishandling or an accident. You don’t need to worry about your cargo if you hire a qualified transport company. The right courier service offering refrigerated shipping knows how to handle sensitive cargo. Trucks can be set to the right temperature so your goods remain intact.

Refrigerated trucks are available in various sizes. This makes it easy for a company to provide the truck that can best handle your load. Are you shipping medical equipment? Perhaps you need to send medications to your patients. Maybe you work at a blood lab and need to send life-saving blood to a hospital or clinic. You may need to send vaccinations to a local clinic or lab samples for analysis to a health lab. If so, rest assured that couriers know how to handle these temp-sensitive loads. They receive training in managing delicate medical cargo.

Key for transporting food

Fresh food needs to be kept at a safe temperature, especially meat, dairy products and other perishables. If you regularly ship food samples, cooking subscriptions and anything similar, using temperature controlled deliveries will prove to be very helpful. Not only will this benefit your customers who will receive high-quality goods but your business won’t be associated with health and safety issues. According to Meat Safety, meat and poultry should feel cold to the touch and customers should avoid anything that feels warm as this indicates that it has not been stored properly and is likely to be unsafe.

You can cut massive risks

One of the biggest benefits of temperature controlled deliveries is that you’ll have total peace of mind that your goods are kept safe, which means less risk and a better reputation. If your goods repeatedly arrive spoiled or unusable, before long you’re going to be known for your mistakes. Investing is a reliable delivery service is a great way of maintaining a professional standard of work.


The logistics of transporting goods in a controlled temperature environment is actually a lot older than people think. The first transportation to use refrigeration was way back in the 1800s when ice and salt were placed underneath temperature-sensitive goods being transported on the freight rail network. It wasn’t a very good system, and there was a significant loss of goods due to spoilage. By the 1900s, the process had been developed to a stage that made this method of transport a lot more reliable, and the industry has continued to grow from there. This is a service that has really now come a long way and a service that can add no end of value to any food business.

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