Understanding The Home Care Accreditation Process

The Standards Of Home Care

Consumer Dignity and Choice:

This particular strategy’s outcome must align with the participants’ dignity and care. They have to be assured that they are protected, and their feelings are considered. They have the liberty and choice to maintain their identity without any damage or harm. Participants have to be given the right to make their own informed choices about the care they receive and can live the life they want.

Ongoing Assessment and Planning:

The planning and assessments taken forward during their care must be communicated and thought out carefully. The participant has a right to be named partner in the process and has a say over their choices. They are free to speak out about their care and the services they receive. All the services and actions taken in this process must align with their health and goals.

Personal Care and Clinical Care:

All the care provided to the participants has to be aligned with their goals and aspirations. They must be given the right resources and support based on their plan. The personal and clinical care must be adequately gauged before assigning the activity or exercise to the participant. It has to be safe and suitable for their health and state of mind.

Services and Supports For Daily Living:

The services and support given to the participant must be safe and correct for their health and condition. The plan must be directly aligned with their goals and positively impact their bodies. The services provided to the participant must also give them a sense of security and freedom that allows them to do what they want to do.

Organisation’s service environment:

The environment given to the participant must make them feel safe and secure. They should not be troubled or agitated by the state of the organisation. It has to be modified and set up in a way that allows the participant to reach their goals. They have to feel as if they belong in the environment without any negativity surrounding them.

Feedback and Complaints:

The participants must be safe and secure enough to provide honest opinions and feedback about the service provided to them. They must uphold a sense of liberation that allows them to provide whatever complaint they want to register against the organisation. They must be encouraged and supported enough to help them with their goals and ambitions.

Human Resources:

The participants’ well-being and state of mind must be protected. The participant must feel safe enough to approach someone level-headed and reliable in times of anxiety and trouble. Human resources must coordinate with the individual properly and ensure that there are no extra hassles.

Organisational Governance:

The participant must feel free and open enough to deal with their problems and solutions. They must be given a higher priority and are in charge of their own decisions. They can either agree or disagree with the services and care provided to them.

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