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Understanding the Dispatch Order in Hungarian Business: A Comprehensive Overview

In the context of Hungarian business practices, the document known as “kiküldetési rendelvény” holds significant importance. This dispatch order plays a crucial role in regulating employee travel and work assignments. Let’s explore this document in detail to understand its purpose, components, and significance.

What is a Dispatch Order (Kiküldetési Rendelvény)?

A dispatch order, or “kiküldetési rendelvény” in Hungarian, is an official document issued by an employer to authorize an employee’s business trip or assignment outside their regular workplace. This document serves as a formal notification to both the employee and relevant authorities that the trip is legitimate and sanctioned by the employer.

Purpose of the Dispatch Order

The primary purpose of the dispatch order is to ensure that the employee is officially authorized to travel for business purposes on behalf of their employer. It also serves as a means to track employee travel and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Components of the Dispatch Order

A typical dispatch order contains several key components, including:

  • Employee Information: Details of the employee, including name, position, and other relevant information.
  • Assignment Details: Purpose of the trip, duration of the assignment, and destination.
  • Travel Arrangements: Details of transportation and accommodation arrangements.
  • Authorization: Signature of a representative of the employer authorizing the trip.
  • Additional Information: Any other relevant instructions or information related to the assignment.

Significance of the Dispatch Order

The dispatch order is significant for several reasons. It ensures that the employee is covered by the necessary insurance and benefits while on the assignment. It also helps the employer track employee travel and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, the dispatch order, or “kiküldetési rendelvény,” is a crucial document in Hungarian business practices. It authorizes employees to travel for business purposes and ensures compliance with legal requirements. Understanding its purpose and components is essential for both employers and employees involved in business travel.

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