Ultra-High Net Worth Family

One of the barometers of success by most people is based on how much money you have or how much you can earn money by the month, week, or even day. But that doesn’t come instantly, and everything needs a process. Everyone that success will be an inspiration for a lot of people and have a “WOW” factor. But most people are just going to see the result of it and ignore all the processes and all the sacrifices.

They don’t realize there’s a lot of failure in those processes, and even some of them ended up in bankruptcy. Sometimes in the way, there just two choices left, continue or just give up with the failure. But to be succeeded in this field, need hard work, will of steel, creativity and keep trying. But in the end, the effort won’t lie, and everything is paid off.

People who succeeded have a new name the conglomerates, the millionaires, the billionaires, the new rich guy, or in the financial world called “Ultra-High-Net-Worth” (UHNW). But not everyone with money or they who living the luxury lives can be called 

As UHNW or conglomerates or even included in the UNHW category.

What is UHNW?

Ultra-high net worth is people who have an investment worth a minimum of $ 30.000.000 in their business, EXCLUDED their personal assets as their personal houses, their collection things, and consumptive goods. So people who called UHNW are people who are independent in their financial and separated spent between their personal living and their investment purpose.


Every rich people or they who have more money than ordinary people surely have something like the pot of gold. Someone who rich and has their pot of gold knows how and where to get their money, but mostly it’s not their own pot. In other words, they work in someone who has the real gold of pot, for example, as a manager or director or CEO in a high-class company, and they just have one source of income from their job.

But different with UHNW, they have their own Pot of Gold. They are not working under someone ‘s company, and they are not living paycheck by paycheck, they manage their own pot of gold to increase their own money.


Every rich man or rich family mostly has an investment as in good, like vehicles or property like houses or land. Most of the rich families just buy those things as a collection or as their saving that they could sell when they needed money.

Different things happened to a UNHW, as a UNHW, they buying goods as investments that separated from their personal investment or assets. As if they bought a house, the purpose of that buying is strict as an investment in their business, so they make those assets or goods could make passive income for expanding their business, and the income is fully for their business and separated with their personal money nor spent it for their personal needs.

A UNHW must be able to choose the best investment for their business, and they have to be able to see the future of their investment, not just following “what’s hit” at the moment. Their investment must be able to make income in the long term. The ability to see the chance and the future of their investment is not an easy skill, and it needed to be ground with time and experiences, mostly with expenses too. A lot of bad investment must be able to grind the skill to see the future. It should be a tool of experience for their investment skill.

There’s a lot of things to be considerate in making an investment, including the society, economic condition, and country, or government conditions. A good investment will make their portfolio looks good and presentable in the market.

Mostly of UNHW is investing in several fields, not just one field. It will help them to get income from their investment in their need, some of them are short time investment, and some are long term investment. Investing in many and different field of investments is good for their portfolio and reduce the risks of losing too much money in case their investment going bad or not as good as their projection.

The common investment they make is stocks, mutual funds, government bonds, or other investments that safe and profitable for them.

Private Wealth Management

As we explained for a mostly rich family, they investing in houses, cars, or businesses, but most of those investments made by debt for banks or other financial institutions. That makes them having trouble paying their debts in some condition, as is the COVID-19 pandemic that makes those rich people try to do new payment planning, reduce the installment, or extend the payment period.

The UHNW doesn’t have the same financial problems, and they separated their business money and personal money. Their investment is not consumptive investment, but their investment must able to make money, at least to cover the expenses of those investments itself. As if a UHNW making debt to buy a house, they will rent that house in which the rent money could pay for the payment installment of the debt. Their financial problems are different than the common people. 

They already secure their personal assets and money, so even if there a condition that trembles the economic world, their personal assets and money wouldn’t be affected too much. Their financial planning is a lifesaver for their personal and business investment and money.

The next point we are going to discuss is about steps that accurate and have a good effect on securing the investment, assets, and money.

So, from our explanation above, we can have a conclusion on how someone could be called as a conglomerate or Ultra High Net Worth Individual. Other than they have more money than ordinary people, they have investments that separated from their personal money, and they have investments from a lot of fields.

How can we be like them? Can we be like them if we have the money?

Yes, you can be one of UHNW- Family. But to be them is not easy, it needs hard work but its not impossible. There’s a lot of habits that have to change; one of them is financial planning. Financial planning is a very important thing to do to fix your financial attitude.  

  • Investment Planning

Plan your investment, not just based on your hobbies, but you have to see the market, what’s hit, the community and the estimate of future, the government policy, and the future of society. Careful invest your money, of course, it’s not easy and needs to be practice, but do not give up, because in the end it will be paid off with the result and grind your business instinct. Keep on track with your portfolio to keep it clean and presentable.

  • Taxes

Most people will see taxes as their enemy, but as a UHNW you have to understand the taxes and the government rules about taxes. As a beginning, you can use help from experts from tax consultants, but in the end, you still need to understand the taxes so no one can fool you.

  • Cash and Debt Management

It’s a common thing that every company or business to have a debt, but the things you need to pay attention to are what kind of debt you have. Make productive debt, that’s mean your debt is a tool to expand your business and increase your money and income. Don’t make a consumptive debt that will decrease your wealth.

  • Advice from the expert

Like we explained above, Financial Planning is not an easy thing to do. It’s not an instant skill and needs a lot of hard work and maybe sacrifice. Because this is not a short time condition, it’s a long term, even for your whole life financial condition. Especially if you want to be an Ultra-High-Net-Worth community, you need help from the expert to start your Ultra-High-Net-Worth company.

Pillar Wealth Management presented as an expert to help you (or you and your family) to be a UHNW. Pillar-Wealth-Management is ready to help you and your family to increase your wealth and help you to secure your assets and investment portfolio.

We ready to help you be an Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals by increasing your current investment. Come to the expert and be ready to be a success financially and join us now.

Sapna Singh

Sapna is working in the Tech & Science domain in one of the top universities. She has published research papers and case studies in Technology & Science. She is an avid blogger in the domain of Tech & Gadgets, finance, Business, Entertainment. you can also find him on social networking platforms.

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