Ultimate Guide to Buying Repo Mobile Homes

Repo Homes, better known as Bank Repo Homes, are the homes repossessed by the bank when the owners fail to pay back their loan payments to the bank. And just like traditional homes, Mobile homes can also be repossessed by the bank. After repossessing the house, the bank puts it for sale at a very reasonable price. Since it has been previously owned and used, it is sold for a lower price than new homes. This way, homeowners who are looking for a budget-friendly home can go with Repo Mobile Homes.

Here, we will guide you how to buy RepoMobile Homes, and what are the benefits and reasons. So let’s dive in.

Top reasons to buy Repo Mobile Homes

Price Point:

Purchasing repo mobile homes might prove to be an excellent investment for you. As these mobile homes are taken away from previous owners and put for sale by the banks, they usually have a low price compared to new mobile homes.

These repo mobile homes are usually put for sale for around 30% or more off of the actual price of the mobile home. So it can certainly prove to be the best deal to grab on to.


Most of the repo mobile homes are just a few months old, which leave them in excellent condition, as good as new. Therefore it is beneficial to look for repossessed mobile homes as you will get a nearly new home in perfect condition in a much better price range.

The repo mobile homes are almost new, and they have unique and safe features. Some of them might also save you a few hundred bucks. You will get features such as more recent and better insulation and amenities such as Air Conditioner, washers and even jacuzzis and bathtubs.

You will get these new amenities, too, within a low budget.


Buying repossessed mobile homes for a lower price can be a great asset. There’s a common myth that the value of mobile homes depreciates with time, but that is not true. If reasonable care is taken and enough maintenance is done, mobile homes can bring profit instead.

If you want, renting a mobile home might be an excellent option to get some side income. Or you can consider turning it into a workspace or relaxing spot. It can also serve as an emergency home in certain situations.


A home to live in is a fundamental right of every human, and it is something that we all seek. It doesn’t matter how bad or tiresome the day goes; we all need to get back to our place, our home, to relax for a while. We can spend time with families and friends at home.

Repo mobile homes are also capable of providing you the same. With its low price and affordability, it becomes easier for almost everyone to get a place that they can call home.

Choosing a good repo mobile home can be an excellent choice for them.

How to Buy a Repo Mobile Home

Land acquisition for your mobile home

Like any other home to be built, you need a piece of land to place your mobile home.

There are various ways to have land for your repo mobile home, such as:-

  • You can have land on rent for which you’ll pay the rent on a timely basis without the need to pay property tax.
  • You can also get a piece of land in trailer parks or Mobile home parks if you want to live in a community.
  • Or you can have a piece of land by purchasing it.

Getting the mobile home inspected

Like with any other purchase you make, it is essential to properly inspect the repo mobile home by yourself or someone professional.

A thorough inspection is needed to know that you are getting a good home with the best deal.

Also, you would be aware of the shortcomings and if there are any repair charges for those homes. Even though a thorough inspection is required, there are a few things that are very important to inspect, such as:-

  • Electric & Power Lines
  • Sewer and Gas Mains
  • Interior of the mobile home
  • Structural Integrity

Finding a company to buy a mobile home

Finding a good company is crucial when buying repo mobile homes. But seeing them can be challenging at times.

Remember that a good dealer would show you all mobile homes- including their flaws, and then discuss the price accordingly.

To find a good company, research their availability in your area and other details. Also, talk to other people in your area about those companies. Finally, a customer review is essential in choosing among the mobile home dealers.

Manufactured Housing Consultant is one of those companies that provide excellent services regarding mobile homes and bank-owned repo mobile homes. In addition, they have comprehensive options of sturdy, manufactured homes at considerably low prices.

Protecting yourself from the mobile home’s history

Since the repo mobile homes are homes that are taken away from the previous owners, there are certain things that you should be careful about before purchasing the repo mobile homes.

  1. Was the mobile home on a plot for rent?
  2. Was the previous owner negligent about the lot rent, and will the debt being transferred to the new owner?
  3. What are the other transferable charges associated with the owner earlier that you might have to pay after purchasing the mobile home?

In addition to all this, you may take a few precautionary measures to ensure safety after buying a repossessed mobile home. For example, you can shift your mobile home to another plot in a different location. Also, make sure you change the locks promptly after buying the mobile home.


Mobile Homes are a great option to buy and live in if you are short on your budget or for other reasons. Mobile Homes are much cheaper than the usual homes or condos.

These affordable homes can be bought even at a much lesser price when foreclosed mobile homes are up for sale. Various auctions are conducted to sell these homes at a low cost, around 30% less than the original.

These homes are a great deal to invest in, whether for living or other purposes. While planning to buy repo mobile homes, there are certain things to keep in mind, such as transferable charges, previous debts, thorough investigation for quality and condition, etc.


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