Types of Pressure Gauges for Industrial Use

In high and low pressure systems and machinery, Pressure Gauge and valves are required to control and monitor the fluids, increasing the safety and quality of the entire process. Pressure gauges are one of the most important instruments to ensure safety and prevent damage; There are different types of pressure gauges that are defined by the type of pressure that must be measured, among the main ones are the following.


They are the simplest, have a glass tube bent in a U-shape and are partially filled with a man metric liquid; have two tool legs open to atmospheric pressure and are subjected to the same original pressure.


For applications that need a more precise measurement of pressure, they use this type of pressure gauge; its system allows its scale to be represented in a vertical height to have a more accurate reading.

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These pressure gauges in Monterrey are designed to obtain accurate readings inside fluid wells; they are used mainly in the oil industries with the objective of obtaining pressure in drilling wells; as flow proceeds down the well, fluid moves to the gauge sensor to obtain a single scale reading.


It is a variety of inclined tube manometers, used to calculate the various types of low pressure; they feature a small inclined tube with a reference level for more accurate calculations.

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