Types of Automobile Insurance Policy: Things to Know Before and After a Car Accident

Accidents cannot be totally avoided. The most common type of accident that happens in our life is a car accident. A car accident may cause bodily injury and damage to property. This damage or injury will entail expenses and financial losses. 

Some people may not have enough money to settle all expenses as a result of a car accident. This is where an automobile insurance policy will play a vital role. 

The automobile insurance policy will answer payment for expenses or damages when a car accident happens. It will protect your car and your finances. A car owner must always consider having automobile insurance to protect him or her from financial losses. 

In most countries, automobile insurance is necessary when buying or owning a car. 

Obtaining an Automotive Insurance Policy

In determining what type of automotive insurance must be availed of by car owners, they must ask advice from a car accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer will help the insured to know and prepare the necessary documents or evidence to be submitted in order to successfully claim compensation from the insurer. They will help the car owners to assess what kind of insurance they need. 

An automobile insurance policy may cover different events or losses depending on the insured’s need and the vehicle’s value. The following are the most common types of automobile insurance policies:

  1. Liability coverage policy – it covers payment for injuries or damages to third parties that may be legally required to be paid by the owner of a car.
  2. Comprehensive insurance policy – it provides overall coverage for future uncertain events. It may cover several events like acts of nature, own damages, public riots, third-party damage, and other events.
  3. Classic car insurance policy – it provides specialized coverage for owners of vintage and classic cars. 
  4. Collision insurance policy – it covers damages to a car by reason of collision with another vehicle. The value of coverage may include the cost of the car or repairs expenses.
  5. Labor Insurance policy – it covers the expenses for repairs of the car and other car maintenance. 
  6. Personal injury protection policy – it covers hospital bills and loss of earnings by reason of the accident. 
  7. Medical costs coverage policy – the coverage is limited to medical expenses arising from accidents.

Things to Do after a Car Accident

When a car accident happens, an insurance claim must be filed with the insurer. In filing an insurance claim, the insured must know the process and remedies to follow when claiming compensation. 

He or she must know what documents or evidence must be presented to support his or her claim. In order to ensure the payment of insurance, the insured could seek the guidance of a car accident lawyer. 

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Car Accident Lawyer

The car accident lawyer can help you to do the following basic procedures when claiming an automotive insurance policy:

  1. Read the insurance policy. Reading the insurance policy in its entirety will give an idea to the car accident lawyers about the terms and conditions of the insurance. 
  2. Determine the covered events of the insurance policy. Covered events of an insurance policy depend on the kind of insurance agreed upon by the insured and insurer.
  3. Evaluate whether there are prohibitions or restrictions. The car accident lawyer must determine the existence of prohibitions or restrictions to know whether the insured may still recover compensation from the insurer. 
  4. Determine the amount that may be recovered from the policy. Not all policies have the same amount of coverage. The amount that may be recovered will depend also on the agreement of the insurer and insured. In some cases, the amount  also depends on the premium payments. 
  5. Check the required documents or evidence to be submitted when filing an insurance claim. The car accident lawyer ensures that all relevant and supporting documents are gathered from the insured. In most cases, a successful insurance claim depends on the completeness of the documents presented. When the insurance claim is accompanied by complete documents, the insurer does not hesitate to grant the claim.
  6. Submit the insurance claim together with the required documents or evidence. The submission of the insurance claim must be timely filed with the insurer. An automotive insurance policy commonly requires a certain period within which the insurance claim must be filed. Otherwise, the claim can be rejected. 

The car accident lawyer must also consider the types of automobile insurance policies. This helps the latter to determine the possibility of a successful claim of compensation from the insurer. 

He or she may also determine whether the event that caused the car accident is covered by the insurance. It is also necessary to assess the amount of compensation that may be recovered. 

Final Thought

In order to lessen the effects of a car accident, the car owner should first consider obtaining an automotive insurance policy. The proper determination of the kind of insurance to be availed depends on the needs of the car owner. The right kind of automotive insurance policy can only be effectively assessed by a car accident lawyer. 

The car accident lawyer explains to the car owner the types of automotive insurance policies available. The lawyer  also helps the car owner to choose what kind of security he or she needs and how much he or she is willing to pay in exchange for such security. 

The risk of accidents cannot be completely avoided, so we should have to follow all the driving rules and  be careful around other vehicles while driving.

In case of a car accident, the car accident lawyer helps the insured to claim the amount covered by the insurance policy. The lawyer ensures that all the requirements of an automotive insurance policy are prepared and submitted to the insurer. 

This way the insured may be confident that whenever a car accident happens, he or she will recover all the expenses or financial losses arising from an accident.

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