Types of Apps You can Build with Angular

Angular is a fantastic framework for building the single page applications. The framework offers compelling animation and amazing features for developing various kinds of apps like enterprise apps, progressive web apps, and eCommerce apps. Angular is a reliable solution and one of the favorites of most JavaScript development companies for building a digital product.

In recent years, Angular received huge popularity, and of course for a good reason. There has been increased in the demand for Angular app development among enterprises and corporations. Looking at the roots of Angular, it has grown up from AngularJS. AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework that belongs to Google. The framework was designed for creating dynamic web apps and full-fledged front-end applications without any requirements for further frameworks and plug-in. The fully-featured framework makes the app stand out for appearance and performance.Making a custom calculator for your website can be very beneficial, especially if you have complex products for sale.

Angular: Brief Introduction

Angular is the powerful platform for developing dynamic and scalable apps and websites. Based on Typescript, Angular implements the optional and core functionality, as a library set, which developers import into the apps and this is why the demand for a proficient website development company is increasing day by day. Frameworks are improving day by day for delivering stable product features.

Frameworks are meant to unify the software architecture. Noticeably, the Angular framework offers well-defined documentation and a clean code structure. Also, the post-development efforts reduce with the framework, where it is easy to handle the fixes in the future.

What’s more interesting about this framework is the large community that contributes to every growing library component. Also, the longevity matters for any framework, where Angular is backed up by Google, a sign of security and trust. The release of Angular V2 is the proven step towards the concern for leaping forward in direction of growth.

Basic Difference Between Angular and AngularJS

  1. Components

We can see the difference in the components of Angular and AngularJS. Angular uses Typescript, which owns the compatibility of ES5. AngularJS is based on JavaScript, which uses scopes and controllers, whereas Angular uses hierarchy of components. Angular is a component-based framework while AngularJS utilizes directives.

  1. Directives

Angular and AngularJS both use directives, but the way it is used makes a difference between both. Angular has few standard directives, whereas AngularJS has the pack of them. For two-way binding, ng-model is used, whereas one-way binding, ng-bind is used. Making it simpler, Angular uses ngModel.

Why You should Use Angular?

  • Typescript

Typescript is an amazing way to save time and let developers enjoy the coding while solving bugs in parallel to coding. Typescript allows typing of an app, ease of scalability, which ensures the long term perspective.

  • Ecosystem

Angular does surprising enhancement for software projects with important library components. Developers working with Angular rarely use third-party components. The well-written documentation is also improving timely, which comes out to be handy in development.

The angular framework makes everything easier with capable development tools. The developers are hardly needed to contemplate over the exotic problems and this leverages internationalization.

  • Flexible Structure

Angular plays its role very well by offering the self-solution for the major problems. The developers won’t have to think of diverging from the source library components, though they are open for the same. 

  • Official Libraries

It is important for any framework to offer the ready to use code. The professional support of Angular saves you from bugs and security glitches. Also, Angular guarantees the timelessness of the code. The official components save the application development from facing any problems if in case, you change the developer. The components stay the same. 

  • Testing

For fast development and refactoring, Angular is combined with out of the box tools. The frequent tests save the developer time from rereading the code. It reduces the development time and follows the continuous integration concept. Also, it becomes easy for companies offering Angular and AngularJS development services to automate the quality assistant’s work. 

  • Modular Structure

The modular development structure makes it easy for JavaScript development companies to scale the application. The components-based modules are reused in frontend development services. The noticeable feature is lazy loading which makes the app smoother and powerful. The lazy loading allows the app modules, load only when they are needed. This way app saves the time in loading and runs faster, because of requiring limited resources. However, the deferred loading of modules makes the demands more time for the initial load.

  • User Interface Component Library

Angular Material is a fantastic feature of Angular for building a powerful app. When the app is built with material design it gives amazing strength to the app. Angular Material is supported by Angular’s official team. The angular components are built over the best developmental practices, tested, and well documented. Using the material design, app development can be made much faster.

  • Experience

Angular has been there for a decade and the developer community has never complained about the efficacy of Angular. Over time, Angular has come with the updated versions and Google has continued to invest in the flagship project. Alongside, thousands of enterprises use angular for their app and this ensures that Angular is suitable and flawless when it comes to development.

Further, Angular comes with several benefits, but this time we have to focus on types of app, that can be built with an Angular development framework. 

Now that we have seen some reasons why one must use Angular for their mobile app development project, let us have a look at what kind of applications one can develop using this framework. 

Apps that can be developed using Angular and AngularJS

Angular renders the development with great ease, capabilities, and off the shelf solutions. You can hire Angular and Angularjs developer for the below development requirements.

  1. Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPA is the most favored website solution, where the single page renders all the information dynamically. SPA became much popular with JavaScript because of the improved UX and fantastic appearance than the traditional applications with the number of pages. Angular makes the development of SPA fast and gives amazing performance with routing and data management. That’s why companies offering mobile app development services prefer using Angular for developing scalable apps.

  1. Enterprise Apps 

Enterprise apps are made with sophistication for handling multiple processes. Angular is looked at as a reliable framework for powerful apps and bug team handling. The reason behind the trustworthiness is scalability, reusability, and unified architecture. The scalability offers the timeless approach where the modules can be reused for reducing the development efforts. Alongside, the unified architecture keeps the development efforts in order with the high-security protocol. Companies offering front-end development services love using this framework for the sheer number of features it offers.

  1. Mobile Apps

Angular is a powerful tool and reliable framework used by Angular and AngularJS development companies for building mobile apps. Originally, Angular is used to build web applications that can run on any platform or device. However, Angular can be combined with Native Script, for building the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

PWAs apps are famous because these apps are scalable and adaptive to the user screen. PWAs load faster and stay available even when offline. For building PWA, additional work and development effort is demanded to ensure that all requirements of PWA are met along with the fast performance.

  1. Server-side Rendering Apps 

SSR apps are rendered on the browser. It saves the loading time on the browser side because data is custom loaded on the server and then rendered to the browser. This improves the site ranking. In fact, all JavaScript development services are favored more for such quality. 

  1. Apps that required Animation

Interfaces with beautiful animations are the most favored web pages over the internet. These pages are compelling and require more animation which is all possible with the angular.

Angular is a powerful framework and it is found suitable for every kind of web app, mobile apps, sophisticated enterprise apps, banking systems, and many more. However, before you finalize to hire Angularjs developer, discuss the scope of your project budget and requirements.

Famous Apps Built with Angular

Let’s take a look at ten famous apps developed with robust and flexible Angular:

  1. The Guardian

The Guardian is a famous design and publishing arena. It sponsors several awards in the relevant areas. The User Interface of The Guardian is developed with AngularJS.

  1. PayPal

PayPal is the world’s leading online payment provider company. The powerful website of PayPal is built using AngularJS.

  1. JetBlue

JetBlue is a famous American airline company. The company’s online portal is used Angular.

  1. Lego

Lego is a famous manufacturer of playing materials. The company uses its website for global trade. The website is built with Angular. 

  1. YouTube TV

It is created with Angular2 and launched in 2017. YouTube TV is built to replace Hulu + and AT&T TV Now. It offers affordable access to a myriad of live programs.

  1. Xbox

Xbox Live is the online service for content distribution and gaming for Xbox 360, Xbox One. The platform uses Angular and favored amazingly for offering the online gaming experience. 

  1. Deutsche Bank Portal

The Deutsche bank API program is aimed at making financial data and products/services accessible digitally. The famous portal leverages the potential of Angular.

  1. Udacity

One of the most widely recognized e-learning platform Udacity uses Angular for rendering an amazing learning experience. 

  1. Weather

Weather is the credible weather report provider that is known for delivering the most accurate weather forecasting. The site collects and distributes data all over the world and uses Angular.

  1. MobileRoadie

A fantastic platform for developing mobile apps without much tech knowledge. Developers appreciate the platform all over the world and use Angular for fast operations.


Angular is the best framework for web development, eCommerce app development, CMS, banking systems, and many more demanding powerful JavaScript development services. However, it entirely depends on the project requirements, team size, and scope of the app. Angular is the reliable choice for web app development because it renders the most revered features. Angular is backed by Google which ensures the longevity of the framework. Also, the huge community offers you access to a large pool of skilled resources.

Accumulatively we can say that Angular is suitable for every kind of app development requirement whether you are a small business or enterprise.

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