Turn Visitors into Buyers with an Interactive Video Spokesperson

Your business is important and so is your product or service. If you are still using dry plain text sales copy, then you are leaving sales on the table. If you would like to make money with video marketing, then it is time you moved into the modern age and converted those dry-text sales pages into online videos.

What do you do when you are faced with a long sales page on the internet? Can you honestly say you read it from top to bottom? Do you cast your eye over every word or sentence? If you are anything like me you will read a few points and then scroll to the bottom to find out how much it is going to cost. Our attention spans can be short when it comes to having to read a lot of text. We’d rather the person got to the point and left out unnecessary details.

Every business owner has this desire that his business should achieve global recognition and people across the world value the products and services that the business has to offer. Interactive video marketing and internet advertising are considered the best way of promoting a product or service. The concept of a video spokesperson has also become very popular. A video spokesperson is a virtual online spokesperson that is used to add value to the web page. 

Video marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing. Video offers a visual experience and has the power to engage the viewer. Granted, not every video can do this and it is down to the video creator to produce something that captivates. However, when done correctly it is a powerful technique and gives you the ability to get your message across in a unique way. You do not need to enroll in make money with video marketing course. This is not the way at all. You can either create your own Cinema8 videos or outsource the task to an expert in this field.

The video spokesperson is a very interesting concept used to add value to an interactive video. A virtual or animated video spokesperson talks to the viewers to help them understand a website in a better manner without interfering with its normal operations, enhancing creative online promotions it is also very useful for a successful video marketing campaign. A video spokesperson is a technology that enables one to add a human element to it and connect through the most interactive marketing.

The advantages of using a video spokesperson are that it can grab the attention of the viewers instantly. Many visitors to a website can be slow in reading but with the help of a video spokesperson, they will be able to understand the basics of the website instantly. Hence video spokespersons help in attracting viewers to the product, generating more traffic flow, and gaining a better position in search engines. It aids viewers to emulate more knowledge without having to read through information and waste time.

An interactive virtual video spokesperson can grab visitors’ attention and the right conveyance of the message engages and creates a nice feeling where the visitor feels that he is getting a lot of personal attention. A video spokesperson helps in creating brand awareness and a long-lasting impression in the viewer’s mind and thereby increasing the response rate. It will have a very positive impact on the sales as well. The video is more compelling marketing without intrusion, since; it’s more like educating on the product and its enhancements in a very personal way.

An interactive video spokesperson can be laid on the website for video marketing as a banner ad, email campaign, demonstration, training tutorial, FAQ, client testimonials, Thank you pages, call to action, etc. Interaction design can be used for internet advertising as well as a live guide/mentor for the person opening the page, by briefing them regarding the product and explaining the user instruction, and interesting them with upcoming enhancements as well as aids to place orders. The main idea behind using a video spokesperson is to simply inspire and excite the buyer, towards the product, creating necessary awareness. It is a slashed cost service and the pitch is available online 24*7.

Making the viewer leave their contact information because of a personal rapport being built is an engagement for further buyer conversion. The faster the viewer deviates to the contact/ order page, means the more effective the images worked. Video’s visual power, clarity, and visual power attracts international customers enhancing the cutting-edge innovation of the product. A real person sliding on a transparent layer is the most innovative way to build trust in viewers and relate to them as customers and let the company stay ahead of innovative competencies.