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Here are the TurboLists OTO links. 1,2,3,4,5 Get The 5 OTO Links With A Discount And Huge Bonuses OTO TurboLists: You will receive one TurboLists front-end and five Turbo Lists OTO editions.

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A BRAND-NEW, GAME-CHANGING Way to Generate Leads That Is 10X More Engaging, 10X More Cost-Effective, and 10X More Sales-Generating Than Any Other Way Currently Available TurboLists software takes users’ main email addresses from sites like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and more. This lets anyone make email lists that are 10X more interesting, 10X cheaper, and get 10X more sales. – WITHOUT the need for a sign-up or opt-in sheet… User identities can be kept without input from a username and email. IGNORE landing pages.

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The Professional Version of OTO1

With the Pro version, you can get four times as much traffic and make four times as much money. More affiliate programs 100% Approval 100% Commissions Personal Domains Without Limits Campaigns No Limits Workflow automation has no limits No limit to the number of SMTP profiles reports before hand Reports are made automatically every day. RIGHTS TO MAKE MONEY INCLUDED: You can do work for other people and charge them whatever you want.

OTO2 Traffic Edition

You can make your own viral social micro videos from ANY video on the internet, even the oldest and most boring ones. Schedule 100 videos on Facebook and Instagram with just one click, and they’ll keep bringing in free traffic for months. perfect for commercials, viral videos, and many other types of video content. Make multiple micro-videos from one video (up to 20) with just one click. All videos can be changed at once with just one click. A commercial license is also included.

OTO3 Shortz Version

Make a lot of short, viral videos on YouTube that get people’s attention and drive them to your websites, blogs, and offers. Copying YouTube is the quickest, easiest, and silliest way to get TENS OF THOUSANDS of visitors to your website every single day. You’ll also get our EXACT step-by-step training and BEST way to start sending traffic to your Shorts right away. Includes Commercial License

OTO4: Massive Email Campaigns Done for You Edition

Just plug and play with our already-written emails. Get your buyers/subscribers to trust you. How to get more people to open your emails and click on the links you send Give your subscribers content that’s worth reading. Get More Sales & Conversions

OTO5 Reseller Edition Version

Each of your clients will be able to use the features of TurboLists. For the best results, use our marketing materials. With just one click from your Reseller Dashboard, you can set up accounts for your clients. We’ll take care of the support needs of your clients. Low cost all at once during the launch period

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Video review for Front End only TurboLists

TurboLists  – Text From This Video

Foreign is a new, cutting-edge piece of software that forces Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon to build things and make money. In just three clicks, you can make a big, highly engaged turbo list and email list. Watch the whole video to see a full demo of how it works with different features and more. Guys, if you get it right now, I have three free things for you to do with it. Taken bonuses are free and worth R. 600 to you, so check out the link in the description to learn more or to take advantage of this limited-time offer. So, let’s get started. I’ll show you how travel works in this short video. So, you can see a lot of options on the left side of the dashboard. The first one is “first-time setup,” which is where you set up the Facebook app. It only takes 30 seconds; just read the directions and you’ll be able to do it easily. The list of where you are is the second option. You can make a new list, look at the list that’s already there, and export your data from this list. The third option is to use automation. Workflow, where you can click “Add a new workflow” to make your first email chain. You can also see your existing workflows here, and there are a few other ways to handle your emails.

OTO TurboLists Local

The SMTP profile is the next step. That’s what you’ll use to send the emails, so no matter which SMTP provider you choose, all you have to do is go to the add new profile option, fill in all the information the SMTP provider gives you, and save it. You will then be able to send emails. Send emails right away, and then create the campaign URL as the last step. Here, we’ll make a new URL, the lead generation URL, that will help you build an email list with the main email addresses. So let me walk you through it step by step before we start. Why do you need two lists, and how will using turbo lists help you build a better business? So, this page is a standard landing page, which is what we usually do to get people’s email addresses. You give a lead magnet and get someone’s email address. But what really happens is that users have become very smart and just want the lead magnet. They start adding more email addresses, which they never check. So, when you collect emails that users will never use, you lose money on autoresponders. Second, some of the traffic goes to waste. This is especially true for people who share their content on Facebook pages or send an email with all the information and a link, because they are actually wasting some of their traffic. Using our unique lead generation URL, you can’t move this extra page with this new software.

TurboLists OTOs Linka

So let me help you with a small demo campaign so you can get a feel for the whole software and start right away. For instance, I want to get the word out about a campaign to help people lose weight. Then I’ll give a small lead, or “magnet,” and send a short email. Let me choose an offer from ClickBank and start making the campaign, so you can look here. This is my ClickBank account, and I am in the market. I went straight to the market to find the best deals there. I’ll just show you what to do. Most of you probably already know this, but here’s how it works for those who are just starting out, okay? I’ve picked the best ClickBank offers and will just click the “promote” button. I’ll generate my unique URL. My affiliate link isn’t working, sorry. I copied the URL, which I will put in the notepad somewhere, like here. I wrote this short email that we’ll use. So, the first thing I’ll do is make a list of the top choices. Let’s call this list “weight loss.”

TurboLists OTO AIUpsell

Since our email was just made, I’ll just go into the workflow and set up a series of emails. So I’ll call this WL Ins [, Music], and then I’ll press the next button. Here, click on “step addition” to set up the first email that needs to be sent right away when someone signs up through your unique URL. So I’ll put it on right away. But if you want to send an email at a certain day and time, you can set it up here. You can also set this email sequence up to send emails for up to 30 days. I’ll just save this email and click on the design. Sending an email: I already have an email written here, so I’ll just copy and paste it. I know that you know a lot. You can write emails that are more effective. Please save this email until later. I didn’t have this chance. Let me go back to this page; I’ll use my affiliate link and update it on this text. So, when the user gets this email, they can be sent to the affiliate offer we just chose from ClickBank, and I’ll give them the link to download my lead magnet. You now know how to do that.

TurboLists OTO Bonuses

I’m sure you know that unloading is fine, so let’s just pick this subject line and save it so our email is ready to go. From here, you can see it. I can even make another change right now. I’ll keep it simple, and if you want more follow-up emails, you can just click the “ADD” button and schedule the email for the next day. For instance, you might want to send the email at 10 a.m. . Just copy and paste what’s here, save it, and then format your text so it looks like the right day to email. For example, write your content for the second day and click “next.” Now I’ll choose this option so that all new users added to this new list will get this email sequence and finish. My email sequence is now ready. Let’s move on to the next section, which is our email sequence. Now, let’s move on to the second part, where we’ll make the lead generation URL that people will click on, add a new option, and call this campaign “weight loss camp number one.” Here, after the user signs up, we can either send them to a “thank you” page or to the affiliate link on the offer page, so I’ll just come back here and copy. My affiliate link brought me back to this page. I copied it and pasted it here, and now I have these five options. So, we’re going to make the user sign up from one of these accounts so we can get the main email addresses they actually check for the demo. I will use their Google account, which could be their Gmail address or their Google account. Click on the next button here, and I’ll choose the list where the user needs to be added after they sign up.

Overview of the TurboLists OTO Product

So, that’s what our list was called. Now, we go to the automation workflow and pick the email sequence we just made and the SMTP profile. So, I am going to put my send grid profile here. You can add any SMTP that works for you, click “Next Step,” and then our unique generation URL will be ready. So we can copy this, but before we open the URL, let me show you that our unique campaign and URL are ready. This is our unique URL. This is the link that needs to be passed on, so I copied it again and opened a new browser. This is one of the test email addresses I made. If you open this URL, you’ll see that it’s asking me to sign up for my Gmail account on my Google account. So, the best thing about this system is that I have to sign up through my Google account as a subscriber instead of signing up through an account I’ll never use, so just assume I’m using this account. For example, if I want to use this account, all I have to do is open it, and the user is already in my Gmail. I’m sorry about my Turbo List account, and I’ll come back here. You can see that it hasn’t gotten any clicks or leads yet. Now we’ll reload this page, and we’ll be able to see that this URL has been clicked on once and that one lead has been added to it. So I’ll just log in again and go to the option for analytics. We can click “analytics” and scroll down.

TurboLists OTO Review

We can see that in WL Camp 1: there is one registered user named Ram Rawat who has such-and-such an email address. This is what the list was called, and we can also see that it was added at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. The campaign URL led me to the landing page for the affiliate offer. So, if a user signs up before anyone else, we add them to our list. You can check your list; just go back and look at this page again. Your list is the one we made, and as you can see, the user is added to the list and then sent to the affiliate offer we want to promote. So, I think the whole system works, and the results are there for you to see. Okay, there is one more thing we forgot to mention: the user should get the email we set up in the email sequence. So we’ll go back here and I’ll check my email. You can see that I have new email, so I’ll just go inside. This is the email I wrote, as you can see. Okay, I’ll just click on this to get the ebook, and this is this. This should take me to the affiliate link, so let’s just click here and see if we get there. Okay, so it is sending us to the affiliate offer. I think we’re done here, so let’s go back to the dashboard and look at how the whole system works. In our unique campaign, we have collected email addresses, and we know exactly what we want to do with the turbo list. App uh. Contact my support if you still have questions or concerns. That is, support ramrava.net to help me out. So, thanks for staying tuned. Don’t meddle in my business. foreign

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