Trouble-Free Way to Achieve The 18-inch Loose Wave and Body Wave Hair

The 18-inch loose wave and body wave are both popular hairstyles that can easily be achieved with extensions. The loose wave will provide a more relaxed look while the body wave will give you more volume and definition. Depending on the type of extensions you use, you may be able to mix and match the two to create a unique look.

18-inch loose wave hair usually has a natural-looking, tousled and wavy appearance, while 18-inch body wave hair has a more defined, “S” shaped wave pattern. Both styles of hair will hold curls well and can be styled with heat tools.

The main difference between 18-inch lose and body wave hair is the texture. Loose hair is straight, while body wave hair has a natural wave. Additionally, body wave hair will usually have more volume than loose hair.

Step by Step Process to achieve 18-inch Loose and Body Wave Hair

  • Buy body wave 18 inch and body wave hair extensions from a reputable online store.
  • Make sure to purchase hair extensions that are made from 100% human hair and are tangle-free.
  • Prepare the hair extensions by washing and conditioning them with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • Section the hair into two parts, top and bottom.
  • Start at the bottom section of the hair and use a curling wand or iron to create the body wave.
  • Repeat the same process on the top section of the hair to create loose waves.
  • Finish the look with hairspray and a little bit of shine spray.

Benefits of Having Loose Wave and Body Wave Hair

18-inch loose wave hair is an awesome choice for those looking for a versatile style that can be worn dressed up or down. With its cascading waves, this hair length will give you an effortless and natural look. 18-inch loose body wave hair is the perfect choice for those who want to create a natural-looking, bouncy look with minimal effort. It is lightweight and easy to manage, making it ideal for busy lifestyles.

The loose body wave gives the hair added volume and movement, while still being easy to style. The natural wave pattern also makes it easier to blend with other hair textures. This type of hair is also great for creating a more relaxed, boho-chic look.

18-inch body wave hair is a cool and in-style look because it gives the wearer a lot of styling versatility. It can be curled, straightened, or left in its natural state for a natural, wavy look. It can also be cut into various styles to suit any look. It is a great way to add volume and texture to any look and it is a great way to add some fun and style to a look without looking over the top.

18-inch wave hair looks are great for those who want a mid-length style that is easy to manage and has lots of natural movement. It is a great look for those wanting to add some life and texture to their hair without having to go too short or too long.

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