Trish, My Best Friend: Let Go to Move Forward

By Shiva Saravanan

Designed to teach the importance of having a strong mind and give children the tools they need to navigate life, this children’s story “Trish, My Best Friend” tells the tale of two children who have grown apart and must discover how to accept change as it happens.

What is so special about this book? How does it connect with our everyday life? 

In life, what matters the most is what people believe about themselves. They may know and want to listen to the feeble voice that tells them they are capable and can reach their goals, but most of the time, we are influenced by the external voice that tells us that we will never be successful. In Winston S. Churchill’s words, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” 

The key to success is having a “growth mindset,” which is the belief that one’s skills can be changed and improved through hard work. Working hard, putting in the effort, and sticking to a goal is all important, but they don’t compare to the confidence you feel when you know you’re in charge of your own life.

Why do some people’s talents shine more brightly than others?

 People with a growth mindset think the most when they hear constructive feedback about how they could improve. Asking “What can I do better next time?” instead of “How did I do?” is a big change. 

When we believe that our success is due to some talent we were born with, we become very weak when faced with problems.

Our mind and body remember the things we do or say repeatedly. Through repeated actions or thoughts, these connections in the brain get stronger. The good news is that you can change your life by changing how you look at things. 

This book should be read by every child out there. The story of Trish and Emily will guide them on how to be successful and navigate life, especially in the early years of school life while they are growing up in a big, beautiful world—brimming with fascinating people to meet and exciting places to discover. It is for the parents, and teachers, who provide the children with support, love, and the opportunity to grow.  Trish, My Best Friend is a book not to be missed.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)