Transporting a Boat with confidence

Transporting a boat is an expensive and complicated process. It is challenging for the owner to handle the hauling on his own. You may have to spend more on additional services like loading, unloading, and cargo lifting. Moreover, your boat may suffer from damage along the way. For this reason, several companies are offering boat shipping & transport services to ease your stress.

Multiple factors influence boat hauling. The owner must have sound knowledge of these elements before transporting a boat. From choosing the best Florida boat haulers to general boat preparation, we will guide you all.

Look for the Most Reputed Florida Boat Haulers

Search for different boat transportation companies. The shipping cost is not the only crucial factor to consider when availing boat shipping & transport services. When choosing a boat transporter, consider the following points:

  • First, the company should be licensed and insured.
  • Second, it should provide additional facilities like boat loading, unloading, lifting cargo, and others.
  • Finally, check the overall rating and reviews about the boat shipping company.

Professional boat haulers offer smooth and comprehensive boat transportation services. We Will Transport It is the most one of the most reliable Florida boat haulers. Our team has earned the trust of several customers worldwide. We have connections with State Permit Departments, marinas, and ports. Therefore, you need not stress over anything. Moreover, our fast boat shipping & transport services prevent costly delays.

Choose the Appropriate Mode of Transport

Boats require different modes of transport. It depends on their structure, type, and also distance. Therefore, you should measure your boat’s dimensions before selecting a carrier.

Here are the two most common modes of transport to consider when transporting a boat:

1.   Transporting a Boat By Road

The height of most overpasses is 13’6’’. If your boat is a standard size according to transportation law, then go for a land trip. Moreover, this transportation mode is the most common and cost-effective option. Companies utilize vessel trailers or flatbed trailers to ship boats by road. This mode of transport is fast if you want the shipment at a particular time. The major drawback is that you can haul only one boat in a single trip. It will cost more money to transport extra boats.

2.   Transporting a Boat By Sea

Large boats are challenging to transport by road. But cargo ships make it simpler and more convenient. Moreover, you can transport more than one boat in a single ride. However, there is a slight chance of your shipment getting delayed due to longer distances, unexpected weather, etc. Hence, if you’re not running late, then transport your boat by sea!

Prepare Your Boat Beforehand

Once you have opted for a hauler and mode of transport, it is time to prepare the boat for the ride. In that regard, here are a few practical tips to help you organize it effectively to avoid any future damages:

The Interior of the Boat

  • It would be best if you locked the interior cabin.
  • Empty the fuel and water tanks.
  • Drain the water systems and try using an RV antifreeze in winters. It will save your boat systems from freezing.
  • Remove all the batteries.

The Exterior of the Boat

  • Detach all the extensions of your boat. These include antennas, propellers, lights, masts, electronics, and so on. Otherwise, the attachments may get damaged.
  • Secure the hatches and latches tightly using tape. It will save them from wind damage.
  • Lock and tape all the windows.

Many Florida boat haulers do not prepare the boat before transportation. So, the owner has to do it. But We Will Transport It not only guides you but also handles the preparations beforehand. We understand that it might be tricky for you. So, our professionals take care of your boat from the start till it reaches its destination.

Make your boat transport journey easier. The best boat shipping & transport services are one click away. Contact us now or request a free quote!

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