Traits of Top Performers At Work

Successful organisations are constantly on the lookout for top performers at work. Some employees may not be the best candidates for a particular role, while others are inherently better at achieving company goals. 

There may be people in your organisation who have the potential to achieve high levels of performance but need coaching and mentorship to do so. In any organisation, high performers stand out from the average crowd. They consistently exceed expectations and are the management’s first choice for difficult projects due to their proven track record of getting the job done. They are good at what they do and take pride in their accomplishments. 

You can discover high performers by recognising a few traits of their work ethic. The innovative performance management system offered by uKnowva is a new and improved approach to evaluating and reviewing employee performance. It helps human resources professionals and relationship managers to evaluate, track, and enhance their workers’ performance management while on the go and recognise individuals useful to the organisation in the long run. 

5 Traits Of Top Performers At Work

Ability to work in a team 

When evaluating the qualities of a good employee, the ability to work with others has always come right on top. Talent doesn’t prove to be fruitful if individuals aren’t willing to work in a team. Most companies rely on a collaborative spirit amongst their employees to accomplish challenging tasks. Even if your employees do most of the work alone, they need to be part of a team. Almost everyone has a task that requires collaboration. When your employees can’t help each other, it can take a toll on your entire business, negatively impacting morale and business output. 

uKnowva allows you to work in tandem when it is the concerning matter of teams. The team bond becomes better and more fruitful with its social intranet and the collaboration features it offers. There are multiple integrations like an organisational chart, lazy loader plugin, and uKnowva messenger. All these plugins and more help teams and top performers at work to save time and deliver their deliverables effectively. 

Passion for the assigned job roles and deliverables

When companies look for traits in an employee, qualities like strong leadership, ambition or work ethic may first come to mind. Of course, these qualities are impressive and undoubtedly contribute to good performance, but the ability to achieve a certain level is not the same as the desire to do so. That’s why passion is paramount when it comes to high-performing employees. HR teams can help in increasing passion in employees by improving employee engagement. This won’t only help your company in creating high-performing employees but also increase employee retention in the company.

Extreme ownership or complete autonomy at work 

High performers are self-starters who don’t require micromanagement, a trait to be admired. Let them own and lead projects, so they have the opportunity to innovate and be more efficient in their way. This flexibility rewards their self-priming behaviour and feels like a boost in a way. High performers exercise extreme ownership of all the projects they work on and go out of their way to ensure everything runs smoothly. To avoid micromanagement, your company can employ uKnowva’s HRMS. uKnowva lets your company enjoy smooth workflow automation, so this eliminates a need for micromanagement and also lets top performers at work do their best. 

Professional development 

High performers have high levels of personal efficacy. They believe in their ability to constantly deliver excellent results. Therefore, they focus on personal development by looking for opportunities to expand their skills inside and outside the organisation. This desire to learn and improve is a trait of a high-quality performer. Learning development leads to employee growth which in turn leads to professional success and creates a positive effect on the success of the company. These people are reliable because of their commitment and giving them opportunities to upskill and greatly benefit your company. uKnowva helps companies provide opportunities for learning with the help of the eLMS feature. This helps employees learn and upskill, so they are better assets for the company.  

Evaluate and improve 

One of the best traits of high-performing employees is their ability to constantly improve their craft. They don’t let failure pull them down because they see that as a chance to grow and improve on their mistakes. They also possess a high level of emotional intelligence, so they know not to take constructive criticism personally. They, at times, use criticism as a way to drive them towards better output in their work. They constantly want to improve their performance and make it a point to meet their managers regularly to discuss their performance.   


Once your business has been able to define the qualities of a good employee, it is critical to address their requirements. Sometimes the reasons employees stay are not only financial. If they are satisfied with the company’s overall culture and the help they receive from management is strong, top performers at work find it easier to excel and grow in your company. In this regard, uKnowva lets your organisation have ease in communicating with its employees to understand and meet their needs better. Communication is key in an organisation, and with uKnowva HR Analytics, you can identify high-performers at work. Later, you can provide them with the best work environment to thrive. This improves the overall employee retention score too.