Trade and Exhibition Integration – A bridge connecting businesses in Vietnam and Asia

In recent years, the organization of trade fairs and exhibitions has grown and played an important role in promoting trade relations in Vietnam and Asian countries. Especially, when the economy has many fluctuations like today, the import and export demand of some countries is tightened, inflation increases, selling prices and raw materials have many changes. Causing significant impacts on the global economy.

Strengthening trade and exhibition integration in Vietnam and Asia

The exhibition develops and becomes a platform for cohesion and trade exchange between countries inside and outside the region. 

In Vietnam, fairs and exhibitions take place in a variety of fields, suitable for each business line. Typically, such as Construction industry exhibition – Vietbuild, Exhibition on Technology, electrical equipment – ITE, Medical industry exhibition – Medipharm Expo or Beauty industry exhibition – Beauty Care. These exhibitions not only provide opportunities for business cooperation, but also contribute to opening the door for businesses to have wider access to international markets.

In the Asian market, this is one of the “fertile” lands in the organization of events, fairs and exhibitions. Besides China as one of the leading countries with major exhibitions, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Southeast Asian countries also constantly promote the organization of exhibitions, with many events attracting a large number of people. businesses and investors around the world.

The opening of the international exhibition on the aviation industry

Trade integration: Vietnam and Asian countries

Trade relations between Vietnam and Asian countries are growing strongly with many signed agreements. Vietnam has signed free trade agreements with countries such as China, Korea, Japan, India… Thereby, export and import activities between these countries have increased significantly. contribute to economic growth in Vietnam and Asian markets.

Vietnam has expanded trade relations with countries in Southeast Asia, signed trade agreements and cooperation between countries. Measures to reform and strengthen economic relations were implemented. Contributing to creating favorable conditions for cooperation and enhancing trade activities between countries.

Asian Smart City International Forum and Exhibition

Opportunities – Challenges in trade and exhibition integration in Vietnam and Asia

With the strong development of the exhibition, it has contributed significantly to the promotion of trade relations between Vietnam as well as Asian countries. This has brought opportunities and challenges for businesses and exhibitors.


  • Integrating trade and exhibitions in Vietnam and Asia is the “golden key” for businesses to open up to potential markets, build business relationships and find quality partners.
  • From exhibitions in Vietnam and Asia, businesses have the opportunity to access new technologies, artificial intelligence, IoT, and many advanced methods, applied in the production and business process.
  • As one of the regions with rapid population growth, Vietnam and Asian countries are potential markets for exhibitions. From displaying and introducing products to business partners.
  • Exhibitions in Vietnam and Asia provide a platform for international trade cooperation. Participating businesses can search for their own suppliers, partners, and potential customers.

Opening Ceremony of Vietnam International Trade Fair – Vietnam Expo 2023


  • With the development and competition of trade integration, the fairs and exhibitions taking place in Vietnam and Asia are increasing. This requires the organizers to make a difference and add value to the participants.
  • The number of exhibitors is very large, so businesses need to plan and prepare carefully when looking for booth contractors to have an impressive booth contractor and attract visitors.
  • Language culture: The diversity of cultures and languages ​​in Asia is relatively large, businesses need to equip themselves with knowledge and skills to interact with customers.

Professional exhibition booth construction in Vietnam and Asia

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