Tracing the successful journey of Successful Entrepreneur Alan J. Omar

We have the power to change our lives in the best way possible. Alan J. Omar has shown the world how one can start from nothing and reach the stars. From working at a bakery to becoming a well renowned entrepreneur, investor, real estate developer and businessman, Alan’s progress is impressive. The entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of The Capital Gate, a renowned private equity and real estate investment firm.

From childhood, Alan J. Omar wished to accomplish big things. He was born in Kurdistan, Sulaymaniyah, and was brilliant in sports such as soccer and table tennis. He also played at national levels and won many titles during his schooling life. At the age of 15, Alan started working as a construction worker which helped him understand work ethics. In 2000, his family migrated to the US, and his life changed forever.

When Alan and his family moved to the US, he worked at a local bakery and grocery store to earn some income. He was educated and waiting for the right moment to start something big. In the year 2005, he realised it was time to go solo and build his own empire. In 2005, Alan J. Omar founded The Capital Gate. Alan’s company showed immense growth, and in 2008, he started gas station ventures and a local market deli. At heart, Alan was always a learner and open to new things. He set an example to everyone that it’s never too late to achieve anything by graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with Majors in Finance and Accounting at 32.

With time, entrepreneur and The Capital Gate founder-CEO Alan J. Omar kept accomplishing many big things. He sold his first licensed Seva Market & Deli retail station in Manassas Park (Virginia) in 2014. He is the board member of Global Diplomatic Center (GDC), Iraq Aid (NGO) and also gives great employment opportunities to people with his company.