Top ways to troubleshoot security app error code 1603

Security apps are crucial to keeping your devices protected from various threats. But a security program like antivirus will only protect your device if it is working correctly. Antivirus can get error code 1603 due to various reasons. Inspect the causes and repair error code 1603. 

Error codes are a big problem for all of us. Sometimes they can appear when we are online. So it’s good to know about troubleshooting internet issues.

Symptoms of security program error code 1603

  1. Antivirus stops working
  2. Scanning process failed
  3. Your device gets multiple freezes or crashes
  4. The device starts running sluggishly
  5. The mouse and keyboard respond lately

Common causes of security app error code 1603

  1. The antivirus is not installed correctly
  2. The device meets a runtime error
  3. The antivirus license has expired
  4. Registry files are missing
  5. Your antivirus is outdated
  6. System junk is interrupting the scanning process
  7. Your OS is outdated
  8. Low RAM or hard-disk space
  9. Antivirus program files are missing

Troubleshooting security app error 1603

Restart your device

You can get antivirus error code 1603 due to a runtime error. This error can occur due to any problem on the device. But you can fix the runtime error easily by restarting the device. Go to the computer and close the antivirus window. Check other running apps and close them. Now restart your computer and open the antivirus. Run a system scan and check for the error code.

Renew your antivirus

Antivirus can show error codes when the subscription expires. If the antivirus is not working correctly on the system then you should check for its subscription. Login to the antivirus account and go to the subscription page. If the antivirus status shows “Expired” then click on the Renew Now button next to it. Provide the required details and renew the program. Many antivirus programs offer an auto-renewal feature. If you enable the auto-renewal feature, your antivirus will renew automatically and the payment will appear in your saved bank account. If you don’t want to renew the antivirus then cancel McAfee auto-renewal. Cancel the auto-renewal before the expiry date. After canceling the auto-renewal, you will get an expiry date of your antivirus

Inspect for registry files

Check for the registry files of your antivirus. Your program shows an error when the antivirus can’t find the required registry files. These files are necessary to find the correct path. Without these files, the antivirus can’t open or run any tool. Go to the computer and run the Regedit command. The registry editor will appear on the screen. Choose the antivirus-related registry files and check for corrupted ones. Create a backup key before editing those files. Copy the files and save them with the .reg extension. Now start repairing the corrupted registry files of your device. Edit the files only when you know the guidelines otherwise, you should ask for technical help. Once you repair the registry files, restart the antivirus and now check for the error.

Update the antivirus

Antivirus needs regular updates to work properly. If the antivirus is not scanning or showing the error code then you should check for the update. Go to your Apps folder and check for the programs installed on your device. Select your antivirus and right-click on it. Click on the Update option and wait. If the new update for your antivirus is available, it will start installing on the device. After installing the update, restart the computer to apply the updates. Reopen your antivirus and check for the error code. 

Clear all junk from the PC

Your security app can show problems due to junk. Many times, certain junk files like temp files start interrupting your other apps. Usually, junk files are harmless and only accumulate RAM and hard disk space. But some files can also interrupt your antivirus and other programs. You should check for junk and remove it from the PC. Open the temp files folder on your PC and remove all files. Check for other junk on the computer. On Windows PC, you can use a junk cleaner tool. Open the run wizard and type cleanmgr. Run the tool and wait. You will see a list of items. Select the items to delete and then restart the device. After restarting the PC, check for the error code on your antivirus.

Check for the system update

Antivirus and other programs can show errors when the OS is not updated. OS update is necessary for every device. If the system is outdated, many programs will stop working. You should check for the OS update on your device. Connect the computer to a stable internet connection. Now open the Update & Security tab. Click on the Update button and it will start searching for a new update on the device. If the update is available; it will start installing on the computer. Restart the PC to apply a new OS update. Open the antivirus and tap on the Scan button. Wait until the scanning process completes and check for the error code.

Increase RAM on the system

Your antivirus needs some RAM space to run. If the RAM is fully occupied by other apps, the antivirus will not run on the device. You should increase the RAM on the device. If you can’t add new RAM then try to free the inbuilt RAM. Background apps often accumulate lots of RAM space. Go to the taskbar and check for the apps running in the background. Close the unnecessary apps and free the RAM. Now check for the startup apps. These apps start running on the Windows startup. Remove unnecessary programs from the startup and restart the device. Now your antivirus will get the required RAM and will start running the scan.

Check for the program files

Antivirus can show errors when the program files are missing or corrupted. If the error is occurring after the new installation then check for the setup files. Sometimes the setup files are not downloaded and are corrupted and the antivirus starts showing an error code. Remove the corrupted setup from the PC and install a new setup on the PC. You can also run an antivirus repair tool on the device. It will check for corrupted files and repair them. If the antivirus is still showing the same error then reinstall the setup on your device.