Top Tips To Help Landlords To Attract More Tenants

Due to the intense competition in the buy-to-let market, landlords are aware that many steps must be taken before a rental agreement can be finalised in order to attract the ideal renter. Making their premises as appealing as possible to potential new tenants is one of the most important factors according to the Notting Hill estate agent experts. However, despite the fact that many landlords believe that simply offering a tidy home for rent will suffice, they should think about the kind of tenant they hope to draw and take extra measures to stand out.

Would you rather rent to professionals or students first? What about households with young kids and animals? Will you rent out your unfinished or equipped property? It’s crucial to display your property in excellent condition and complete it in a way that will draw the kind of tenant you want because you don’t obtain the ideal tenants by mistake. Let’s examine the situation from the viewpoint of potential tenants. This is a list of potential rental turnoffs and the best ways to steer clear of them.

Update the decor

Refreshing the walls and paints in your home can be a simple, quick way to make it appear more spacious and light. A fresh coat of paint can have a positive effect.

Clean the mess

If you’re renting out a furnished property, this is crucial. The number of personal belongings your new tenants will bring with them could soon fill up the allocated space. Avoid stuffing your house full of furnishings, and get rid of any clutter. This will make it easier for them to settle in, and also ensure that your property isn’t left looking messy after they leave.

Beautify the kitchen

Your tenants will probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so if it’s dimly lit and a touch dingy, you can make it look brighter with a fresh coat of paint, new, easy-to-clean flooring, and modern kitchen knobs.

Complete the DIY project

A property that appears incomplete gives the impression of being an unfinished project. Make sure all DIY projects are finished to give the house a polished appearance.

Get rid of off-putting odours

A tenancy agreement might succeed or fail for reasons more than merely how a property appears. New tenants may be put off by unusual odours in the rental if you discover any. It might be caused by odours that have crept into the carpets and soft furnishings from clogged drains, cigarette smoke, dogs, or pungent food odours.

Clean the bathrooms

Even though you may have cleaned the bathroom, it may still be nasty due to years’ worth of dirt and grime accumulating. Regrouting bathroom tiles and changing the silicone seals around your shower or bath can help make the space more hygienic and fresh. Re-grouting your tiles is a great way to refresh the look of your bathroom without spending a ton of money. It’s also a great way to get rid of mildew and mould that can grow in between the grout lines.

Organise the garden

When it comes to what your tenants want in a home, there are lots of things you can do to make them happy. Some people like the sound of birds chirping and the smell of fresh soil; others enjoy the relaxing feeling of living in a home that’s clean and organised. You also need to make sure your garden is neat, and clear of weeds and broken patio tiles because for some tenants a garden is a key component of their wants.

Examine household appliances

Every year, you as a landlord, are required by law to have your gas and electric household appliances, including boilers and stoves, examined. It may be safer and more cost-effective to replace outdated appliances in rental properties that have started to lose their reliability in order to reduce maintenance costs and tenant aggravation.

Increasing the curb appeal

Prospective tenants may be turned off by poorly kept outside paintwork, front gardens, parking spaces, and garage doors, even if the interior of your property is pristine, inviting, and clean. A fresh coat of paint, some weeding, and some cleanup can help create a positive first impression.

Choose a competent letting agent

Put your house in the hands of a qualified rental agent with extensive expertise in renting out properties if you want to draw in suitable tenants. It is logical to leave the viewing and leasing procedure in the hands of local letting agents since people looking to rent properties will inevitably ask them for assistance.