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The ability to choose different battery sizes is a crucial and must-have function for any UPS.

The advanced UPS by Su-vastika includes a battery selection capability that gives customers the advantage of choosing the proper battery size needed for UPS installation.

Let’s use Dimple as an example to understand it better.

Almost every day, there are power outages in her region lasting three hours or longer. Therefore, she requires a battery with a capacity of 230 AH, which is the largest size on the market. Thanks to it, she can now have a daily backup for three hours.

But what will happen if, say, in three years, the electricity situation in her area changes and power outages now last only one to fifteen minutes?

Since the UPS has a large charger and small batteries cannot be charged with that charger, Dimple is currently unable to modify the battery size. If Dimple insists on using a smaller battery, charging it with that bulky old charger will only result in the battery swelling.

Since the charging current is pre-determined for different sizes of batteries in the case of Lead Acid batteries, if Dimply is using a 50Ah battery, she would require 5 to 6 Amp charging to sufficiently charge the battery of that size.

Here are a few scenarios she might have to deal with depending on the option she chooses:

  1. She can only use a 5-amp charger, which means the charging time will be longer.
  2. She can raise the charging current to speed up charging, but the battery life will suffer due to it.
  3. The period between water toppings will be shorter if the battery is a tubular lead acid battery.

If water topping is performed once every six months, then watering every three months on average will be a necessity. However, it will increase the wear and tear of the battery’s plates, thus, shortening the battery’s lifespan.

As you should have realized by now, the correct battery charging current is necessary for various battery sizes in Lead Acid batteries, whether it’s a VRLA tubular, Gel, or any other type of Lead Acid battery.

This is why Su-vastika has created a UPS with a functionality that allows users like Dimple to alter the UPS’s charging current and make selections according to the size of the battery using a button at the back in order to solve this issue.

This feature will also enable her vendors to offer their customers like Dimple a variety of options based on their budget and the needs of their area and client by using this capability to choose the appropriate battery size.

Since the price of the battery is significantly greater than that of the UPS, the price of the entire system is determined by the size of the battery. And because the dealer is compelled to sell the bigger Ah battery to the customer, the price of the entire system is excessively high.

Take the Delhi region as an example, where the necessity for a backup inverter/UPS is currently only 10 to 15 minutes, compared to 2 to 3 hours a few years ago. 

The Inverter/UPS installed at the customer’s location has a bigger charger that is fixed in Ampere, say 15 Amp, so if they put a small size of the battery, say 50 Ah, that will not be possible. As a result, when the customer wants to change the battery, the dealer and customer have no choice but to choose a smaller battery. 

In case they choose to put in a 50Ah battery, the battery will run the risk of getting damaged as a result of a higher charging current. This means that the requirement of the charging current is 5 Amp, but since the Inverter/UPS is intended for 15 Amp, which is 3 times its requirement, the battery will be destroyed within the first months.

Su-vastika’s UPS provides various sizes of charging current. Similar to their Falcon Plus model, it starts with 2.5A, 5A, 10A, and 15A so that the smallest battery, 24 Ah to 230 Ah, can be easily installed. 

The price of the battery might range from Rs 2,500 to Rs 12,000, which can soon add up for typical users. Customers will now finally have the opportunity to select the ideal battery based on their demands with Su-vastika UPs.

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