Top Reasons to Have an Office Fish Tank

Top Reasons to Have an Office Fish Tank

Having an office fish tank at your place of business actually has a lot of benefits. Learn what some of them are in this guide.

Did you know that about 700 million people go to the zoo or aquarium each year? There are many reasons that people love to go see animals, including sea life. Viewing creatures and watching how they live is profoundly interesting because, unlike humans, they are able to live simply.

Adding a piece of nature into your office is no different as it has many benefits.

Find out why office fish should be the next addition to your company’s space.

Calming Effect

Water is known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system as it reminds people of nature such as a flowing river. The sound of subtle movement is a consistency that offers comfort and stability.

Add this effect using a workplace fish tank, and you will be relaxing in no time. The fish swimming through the clear water is an additional calming scene. There is a gracefulness to the gliding of the fins as they dart through the water.

Kids, especially enjoy looking at fish tanks because it is amusing. It can also help calm anxiety and act as a distraction if children are in a dental or doctor’s office feeling nervous.

Stress Reducing

Having a pet fish to look at also reduces stress. The distraction is like meditation because you can turn off your thoughts and watch something that is outside of your busy life. You don’t even have to think about what the fish are doing or where they are going. They don’t look at you or judge you, so you are free to gaze without worrying about what the fish think of you.

A fish tank may also help reduce the stress of a frantic client or customer. They can stare at the fish tank while you try to resolve an issue. And in the meantime, they will become less stressed, making it easier for you to present a solution.

Improve Productivity

Believe it or not, one of the benefits of fish tanks could include making your office more productive. The activities of a clear and well-maintained tank displays a culture of efficiency, which can carry over into the actual work environment.

Morale may also increase as colorful fish promote positivity and peacefulness. This may lead to higher retention rates because employees find their work more enjoyable and the atmosphere more pleasurable.

Impression of Proficiency

When someone walks into your office and sees a clean, intricate fish tank, they will immediately think that your business is a representation of the tank’s proficiency.

It takes some work to set up a tank and keep it crisp and clear with fish tank maintenance. If you manage your fish tank well, then clients and customers assume that you will also take care of them too.

Elevate Mood and Health

Unhealthy employees are expensive for a company. In fact, the annual cost of paid sick days is about $160 billion for employers. Fish tanks may help keep your employees healthier by elevating their mood so they feel good about taking care of themselves. It will put them in a positive mood to keep them coming to work instead of using a sick day just to get out of the office.

And while the fish live in harmony together, it makes your employees act more kind to each other. Overall this promotes a positive environment.

Induce Creativity

By lowering stress levels and elevating your employee’s moods, you may find that fish tanks also inspire creativity. With your mind clear and focused, you and your staff have more brain power to think outside of the box.

Looking at a fish tank may also induce creative thinking because it is a change of scenery. Looking at a computer screen is uninspiring, but a colorful and lively fish tank is thought-provoking.

Taking a break from the analytical side of your brain that is used to doing busy work will activate the creative side of your brain to be more innovative and ground-breaking. You may find that a new idea or answer to an ongoing problem will suddenly pop into your head while gazing at beautiful fish.

Enhances Ambiance

Taking care of fish isn’t just relaxing. By adding an aquarium to your office, it becomes more appealing to you, your staff, and your customers.

Instead of adding artwork that blends into the background, a fish tank brings the office to life. The sounds of the filter, the movement of the fish, and even the smell of saltwater plants can ignite the senses to create an ambiance of beauty and abundance.

Customize your fish tank to find the right style for your office with options like:

  • Salt or Fresh Water Tanks
  • Plant or Fish Inhabitants
  • Large or Small Tanks
  • 360-Degree Double-Sided Tanks
  • Small Desk-Sized Tanks

You also get to choose what kind of fish and plants live in your tank to make it stand out. Shop for saltwater fish that reflects people in your office. Ask each employee to pick a fish that represents their personality to make it a fun interactive team-building exercise.

Deciding if an Office Fish Tank is Right for Your Business

While there are many benefits to an office fish tank, you also have to decide whether it fits in your space. First, ensure that your building landlord allows fish tanks. Then find a proper space for it that won’t get in the way of regular office duties.

Finally, decide on a maintenance plan to make sure your tank stays healthy. Either hire someone to come clean your tank or divide the task between your employees who are willing to participate.

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