The 5 Top Realtors in the US That Feel Illegal to Know In 2022

One of the most cutthroat sectors of today’s economy is the real estate market. Companies fight not just for clients and listings, but also for the best and brightest agents who can contribute to the firm’s development. 

Fast-growing businesses are those whose representatives are treated well, and whose products or services are promoted by satisfied consumers spreading the word.

The national median house price in the United States was $384,800 in November 2022, up from the previous year. The buyers’ purchasing power has decreased as a result of this increase and the rising mortgage rates.

Find out who the industry leaders are and why they’re the finest in real estate. These are the 5 people you absolutely must know.  

Daniel Demers

In ten different states, Daniel Demers can offer his services as a real estate agent. He has been using the flat-fee MLS model for more than 13 years. He advertises himself as a “virtual full-service real estate agent” who works for a little percentage.

Daniel is the sole proprietor of Sell Your Home Services LLC, which provides Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing packages at a fixed charge.

If you are selling a home and would want to list it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a flat cost instead of paying a percentage to an agent, Daniel Demers can assist.

Sell Your Home Services is so good at satisfying its customers that they receive 25% of its business from word-of-mouth recommendations.

Through the use of, Daniel Demers is able to offer full listing management assistance digitally making him a top realtor in the US

Houzeo Showings is an online scheduling system for property viewings. Both Houzeo’s Settlement Agent Platform and Houzeo’s Offers can be used during the closing process.

Jesse Weinberg

Jesse Weinberg works as a real estate agent in the Los Angeles real estate market. He has been a Realtor for over 18 years, and his expertise and understanding of the market allow him to focus on single-family houses, commercial properties, and high-end properties making him a top realtor in the US.

Jesse Weinberg, after a successful career as an agent spanning over 16 years, established his own firm in Silicon Beach, California. 

The company is widely recognized for its array of convenient services, including straightforward deal listing and closure and additional off-market possibilities.

If you’re planning on selling your property, Jesse and his crew will have a project manager supervise any necessary modifications and home staging before listing it. If you like, they may even arrange maintenance around your schedule.

When they feel your house is ready to go on the market, they will post it to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and begin promoting it via email and social media. 

They’ll even highlight your home in the printed media, spreading the word about your property further.

Eric Delgado

Eric Delgado is a well-known realtor in California who specializes in high-end properties. 

Over the course of his 16-year career, he has built a solid reputation as both a landlord and a listing agent because of his dedication to his clients.

Eric Delgado established his full-service brokerage in Los Angeles, California in 2013. 

The company’s mission is to assist clients with all aspects of the purchasing and selling process by offering a wide variety of tailored services. 

Each member of the team is a specialist in the field of high-end real estate.

If you’re selling a house in the Delgado & Associates area, you’ll have access to a Transaction Coordinator and a suite of concierge services designed to make the entire process easier.

If you are looking to sell your house, Delgado and Associates’ real estate website will provide you with a quick property assessment analysis by just entering your location.

In addition, the team develops individualized marketing strategies, ensuring that each property has access to the most cutting-edge tools available.

In his sales pitches, Eric exhibits the kind of boldness that often leads to lucrative agreements. 

Eric Delgado’s real estate company has a solid reputation among California property sellers thanks to his more than 1,400 concluded deals and $1 billion in sales which is why he is a top realtor in the US.

Jared Andrew English

Real estate online is Jared Andrew English’s forte, and he is a licensed realtor. His expertise in bargaining, staging, and pricing has earned him a stellar reputation. 

He is well-versed in the Western United States real estate market, having sold several of his own investment homes there.

Congress Realty, founded in 2002 by Jared English, is a Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, California, Louisiana, Oregon, Texas, Montana, Utah, Washington, Alaska, and Arizona registered Multiple Listing Service (MLS) real estate agency.

Sellers may take advantage of Congress Realty’s MLS listing packages for a low, fixed rate. Agent commissions may add up to thousands of dollars. 

You can avoid the commission paid to the buyer’s agent if the buyer does not have one.

Listings are distributed to several online real estate marketplaces, including the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Redfin,, Trulia, and many more.

With’s high-end tools, Jared can handle the whole transaction digitally, from listing to showing to offering to closing.

Since Jared has so many glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, he is a safe bet and is also considered a top realtor in the US. 

With more than 19 years in the industry, Jared knows how to negotiate the best prices for his customers.

Rick Llanos

One of the most seasoned real estate professionals is Rick Llanos. Rick has over 33 years of experience in the real estate industry, and he is well-known for his keen eye for detail and analytical mind. 

Throughout his career, he has improved the home-buying and -selling processes for his clients.

Coldwell Banker Realty, a subsidiary of the Realogy Firm Group, is the largest residential real estate brokerage in the United States. 

Rick Llanos works out of the Los Angeles office of Coldwell Banker Realty. The Society of Excellence is an exclusive group of Coldwell Banker agents, and he is a part of that elite group.

A complimentary market analysis report detailing your home’s current worth is available when you list your property with Rick Llanos. This will aid house sellers in setting an appropriate asking price.

Sellers can get assistance with home repairs and renovations through Coldwell Banker’s RealVitalize Program. 

Rick may sign your home up for the program and assign a project consultant to work with you every step of the way while you fix things up.

Rick will advertise your home to the most likely group of buyers. He will advertise your home on hundreds of real estate websites by uploading professional images and writing detailed descriptions of the property.

With his years of experience and knowledge of the luxury real estate market, Rick Llanos always negotiates the best possible price for his clients making him a top realtor in the US. 

Since he knows the Los Angeles real estate market so well, he offers a comprehensive range of services to his clients.

Alternatives to Top Realtors 

The following should be taken into account if you’re looking to cut some corners when selling your house:

For Sale by Owner 

Over three-quarters (nearly 77%) of FSBO sellers found buyers within two weeks. To sell your property quickly and profitably, use an advanced FSBO website like Houzeo. 

Advantage number one of selling a property yourself is that you get to be in charge of all the selling-related choices. 

You may save a lot of money on the seller agent commission by not using a listing agent. There are also many For sale by Owner websites to make your home selling and buying journey easier.

Flat Fee MLS Firms

Selling your home quickly and saving a lot of money in charges are both possible with the help of Flat Fee MLS businesses. 

In exchange for a fixed charge of a few hundred dollars, these businesses will list your home on your local MLS. 

Some of the additional services they provide include digital transaction management, displaying management, and offer management. 

Using one of these firms is the most cost-effective strategy for advertising your home on the Multiple Listing Service.

Discount Brokers 

For a small commission or flat fee, qualified discount brokers can assist you to sell your house. To facilitate transactions, most bargain realtors have a flat fee structure. 

Real estate agents that work for a flat fee are equipped to help homeowners market their properties effectively. 

Despite charging less than conventional real estate agents, they provide extras like social media promotion and a custom website. 

While discount real estate brokers Florida have a plethora of options, a top pick would be Houzeo which helps you sell your house in a hassle-free manner in the comfort of your home.

Final Word 

Depending on the agent’s expertise, selling your house might be a snap. It’s conceivable that with their help, you may get the most money for your house sale while experiencing the least amount of hassle. 

Real estate agents, on average, make 6% of a sale’s proceeds, thus halving your profit. The seller’s closing costs will further cut into your profits. 
Working with a Flat Fee real estate agent from Houzeo could save you 3% on closing costs, which you will still have to pay for.

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