Top Places to Buy Housing in Dubai

Dubai is a recurrent player in the world property market. It is nearly impossible to discuss the most significant emerging real estate economies and not mention the UAE, particularly Dubai. According to Emirates.Estate, Dubai is one of the world’s most desirable locations to own property. This stems from the world’s perception of Dubai as the best relaxation location in the Arab and one of the most rated in the world. Since people loved to live and have family/ luxury vacations in Dubai, it also meant that the demand for real estate was bound to increase. The UAE government also did not slack in creating pleasure sites of all engagements that intrigue the mind, breaks record and captivate/ attract tourists.

So, moving on to the crux of this article, as an investor or prospective investor, you may be searching for the top places to buy Housing in Dubai where you can get quality apartments, enjoy your property, and reap higher Returns on monies spent. Here are some of the Top places to Buy Housing in Dubai.

  1. Business Bay

You may have been expecting places such as the Palm Jumeirah as the first on this list, but please note that this was compiled in no particular order or hierarchy. Real estate in Business Bay is attractive because of the area’s reputation. It is that part of Dubai where you can find both ex-pats, indigenes and foreigners. The Business Bay is also a definite comeback in terms of investments because both business people and commercial users seek the area, and residential users. Unlike some strictly residential parts, you can go either way with Business Bay.  

  1. The Palm Jumeirah

Next is the famous and highly-ranked Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. You should purchase one if you can afford luxury apartments on the Palm. This investor’s alert would be incomplete without mentioning Dubai’s most priced artificially Palm shaped Island. It is a wonder to live here with the pristine clear waters of the JBR, staring at the blue skies. The Palm Jumeirah is a must-see for tourists; as you guessed, that means they will visit, lounge, and rent properties in the area. If Dubai is a sure investment, Palm Jumeirah is the surest among all other locations. Interestingly, there are all kinds of Dubai’s wonders within the Palm and surrounding areas within a short distance.

  1. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is worthy of mention on this list of the most profitable places to invest in Dubai. It is a definite place to look into if you are a businessman. Primarily famous for having epic structures, the Dubai marina is the awe of visitors and attractive to many. Dubai, for example, is the daydream of many; needless to mention is, the Dubai Mall where all culture meets, dine and wine in the city. Dubai Marina also has properties with waterside views and places classy hotels and restaurants, such as Pier 7. It is an area to consider investing via real estate or other ventures.

  1. Downtown Dubai

Furthermore, the Burj Khalifa Downtown Dubai is a high-demand area for ex-pats, indigenes, and foreigners. Home to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, Downtown Dubai has all of the dope places to live in town and closeness with other places. Downtown Dubai also features some of the nicest residential edifices, such as the Address residences, the Dubai Fountain and the Emaar Boulevard, to say a few. Additionally, experts have placed return on investments over properties in the area to have never been less than 5% regardless of the economic situation, which is impressive. If you envisage any investment in Dubai, Downtown Dubai is not a wrong place to host it.

  1. Dubai Hills 

A fun fact about Dubai is that the areas are often named according to the topography. The Dubai Hills is one such. Already a Hill, but developers did not hesitate to place skyscrapers on them. Dubai Hills is another area in Dubai to host your investment or purchase a property. Some places to see and experience include the Dubai Hills Estate and the Mall, the fun parks for family hangouts and the Golf course for lovers. Additionally, it is reasonably close to Dubai Sports City, and movement is easy with the Dubai Metro.

  1. Dubai Sport City

Sports lovers who can afford it do not blink before purchasing real estate in the famous Dubai Sports City. There are many side attractions for lovers of Sports in the city, beginning from the massive golf courses, the variety of sports options and the exclusive properties developed in the area. Dubai Sports City generally makes for a good spot for luxury developments, services, and investments. The only minor downside to this area for residential purposes is that it is a little bit from other areas; for example, it is about 15 minutes drive from there to the Marina.

  1. Dubai Port De La Mer

This is undoubtedly one of the high-rising places in Dubai to date. The exciting part about properties in this area is that they are open to the general public, including foreigners who do not have residence permits. You may want to look into the off-plan opportunities available as a foreign businessman. Port De La Mer promises to be a relaxing place to live, with many family-inclined locations and fun places. Investing in Dubai’s real estate at the Port De La Mer is a great opportunity to be absorbed into the system and get a residential permit.


There you have it! A list of the top seven (7) places to invest and buy properties in Dubai. This list is inexhaustible, but based on research, they are places where any business can thrive in Dubai. If it is about hospitality, these locations can never have enough, and if you are targeting services or the sale of goods, it is a fantastic location to network and market. Other key areas in Dubai include the Creek, the Umm Sequim neighborhood, the Dubai Harbour, etc.